Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Sunday Salon- Random Book Stuff

Good morning everyone! It is another Sunday morning with snow on the ground. Yuck! Although it does make for a perfect day of staying inside warm, reading, and blog visiting. Or in my case catching up on a week's worth of stuff that I've been neglecting. First thing though, I need to share the winners from The Crimes of Paris giveaway. I was supposed to tell you a week ago but completely forgot about it. Sorry! But I have good news...I now have 5 copies to giveaway which means 5 winners. The winners are:
  • Trish

  • Donna S.

  • Mystery Robin

  • Jessica Marie

  • Kristi

Congrats to the winners and I will be sending you an email asking for your mailing addresses. Valerie from Hatchette Books will be send you out your copies :)

In reading news, I am currently reading Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells. This is a strong debut from a new author, and I've been really enjoying it so far. I would have been done with it now but life has gotten in the way a bit. Still trucking on America and the Age of Genocide as well. I finished Kitty Raises Hell this week and will be posting my reviews of the last two Kitty books soon. I also have a few more reviews to do and then I will be completely caught up going into April.

I didn't get a chance to read a lot this week as it was super busy. I started a new full-time job Tuesday which kept me on my toes. I will still be able to sub on Mondays which means a six day work week for awhile. Plus, my baby boy turned 6 on Thursday which meant celebration central here at our house. This is a picture of him and I this fall...getting ready to watch the Bears play. I've been playing Wii with him like crazy as he got a couple of new (addicting) games for it. Seriously, the Sonic/Mario brother Olympics is SO fun and really gives you a work out. My arms hurt. LOL! But it is cutting into my reading time quite a bit which isn't always a good thing. That is really all I have for you this week. I've gotta go start some laundry but I will be back to visit all of you. And thank you to all of those who left such nice comments on my blog this week. It always brings a smile to my face to hear from you :) Here is a picture of my baby girl as well...I realized I hadn't shared any in quite awhile.


  1. Awe! Too cute, Sam! I love the curl on top. :)

  2. My littlest turns 6 today and we had a party yesterday. Fun times. My 6 year old loves to play on the Wii as well - she's all about Rock Band.

    Have a great (and busy) week!

  3. I love the pictures. Your kids are adorable. Stay warm and have a great week!

  4. Congratulations on the new job! Are you enjoying it?

    It seems wrong that it is still snowing in parts of the country. I wish I could share some of the spring weather my area is enjoying.

    Congratulations to the winners of your giveaway!

    I am glad to hear you are enjoying Jaye Wells' book. I look forward to reading your reviews of the two latest Kitty books. They're such fun reads.

    I hope you have a great week, Sam!

  5. Your kiddos are totally cute! Congrats on the new job!

  6. Congrats to the winners! And aww, your kids are too cute :)

  7. you drink from the fountain of youth, or what?! :) your kiddos are too cute! good luck with the new job. congrats to the winners.

  8. Joy- Thank you :) You can't see the back of her head but it is all curls. I love it!

    Raidergirl- We had a party at Happy Joes and he loved it. Videogames, ice cream, and pizza = one happy kid.

    Kristy- Thank you! They are my pride and joy :)

    Literary Feline- It is wrong that it is snowing when it is spring. But sunshine will be hear soon enough! And the Wells' book was awesome..I just finished it.

    Iliana- Thanks! I'm really liking my new job which is a good thing.

    Nymeth- Thanks!

    Booklineandsinker- Thanks and thanks again!

  9. Love those pictures!!! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your life!!
    You've got snow so I won't complain about the cold, wet, dreary day we had here in Michigan!!

    ~Have a great week Sam!!

  10. We've got a bit of a cold front coming through and during the massive amount of rain we had the other night it actually sleeted! Weird.

    Congrats to the winners and I hope you enjoy that book, I've heard a lot about it! Aw, great pics!!!

  11. Aww, your kids are adorable! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

  12. Staci- Thank you! And anything is better than snow in my opinion...although it is melting already :)

    Ladytink- I think that you would really enjoy Red-Headed Stepchild. I loved it and will be posting a review soon.

    Heatherlo- Thank you...I'm a proud mommy :)

  13. What cute kids!!! - My son turned 7 on Saturday and we had a party.

    Congrats on the job!! I am starting one next week (internship). I know it will cut into my reading time and probably my blogging time too.

  14. Kara- Congrats to you as well then :) The job isn't interfering with my reading yet but the Wii sure is! I love that thing...too much fun :)

  15. Sam, thanks so much for sharing the pics with us. It's nice to put a name to the face. Your kids are so beautiful. Your little girl has such an amazing smile-she makes me smile.

    Happy belated Birthday to your son and have a good week. I hope the new job goes well.

  16. Dar- Thank you so much! She is awesome other than she gets into everything right now. They are both blessings :)

  17. awwwwww....very cute kiddies!!!!!
    lol about the Sonic/Mario brother Olympics, I play Wii with my kids and get sore the next day too.

  18. Naida- Thanks! Man on man...that Wii keeps me on my toes :) It is a great way to spend some fun time with him though!

  19. What a bunch of cuties! You included!

    Congrats on the new job--I hope things settle quickly and your able to adjust soon.

    Oh, and thank you for the book!! I'm so excited!!! :D

  20. Trish- Thank You!!!! It is starting to settle down already but I am on the computer a lot less!


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