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Kitty Takes a Holiday by Carrie Vaughn

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This is getting a bit harder to do without spoilers for this series but here I go: Kitty has gone off to a cabin in the mountains to try and center herself after some recent bad experiences. What Kitty doesn't realize is that she attracts trouble like a magnet, and before she knows it is even happening trouble is at her doorstep in the form of Cormac and slaughtered animals. Cormac, the bounty werewolf hunter, brings his own form of trouble along with the fact that it looks like someone is trying to curse Kitty. There is never a dull moment when Kitty is involved :)


Gosh, even this is hard when you don't want to spoil future books for readers. I would have to say the developments in the relationship between Cormac, Ben, and Kitty. For all of you who have read this book that probably is pretty clear and for those who haven't I'm sorry. Give this series a try and you'll figure it out. I still think that Kitty is a strong, enjoyable main character who has a knack for getting herself into strange and dangerous situations. She gets stronger in every book and I'm liking that as a reader we get to see her grow as both a human and a werewolf. Plus, she isn't always sure of herself which makes her come across more realistically in these books. I also enjoy how easily I am pulled into these books...I look up and I've read 100 pages. They just keep me entertained and are all around fun reads.


Hmm...I don't have any complaints with this one. The end portion of the book with the Cormac situation was frustrating but not a dislike. I just wasn't expecting the author to take that direction which makes the series all the more interesting for me....which means that it probably doesn't count as a dislike. I think I'll stick with none on this one.

Additional Thoughts?

For all of you who are on the fence as to whether or not you should read this series, I say give it a try. It is unique and fun with a strong main character. I'm liking the series more and more as I go on with it which is always a good thing. Carrie Vaughn has created an intersting urban fantasy series that will appeal to anyone who enjoys the paranormal aspect in their books. Overall, good read and recommended!

My Rating: 4 out of 5
Challenges: Series Challenge 3, 100+ Book Challenge


  1. Here's a special book rec for you. You can find it at
    It's the story of a special young man. He is the embodiment of world peace, down to his DNA. One problem, the very genetic code that makes him powerful, also makes him both male and female - his most painful adolescent secret. He is determined to live his life as a "normal" male, but the odds are against him as he is hunted by those who want to use his body for their own deadly purposes.

    I apologize if this message is unwelcomed in your blog. The phraze you wrote, "I love to read" is what made me want to share.

  2. I'm debating whether I want to review all four of the books I've read this month at once or divide it into two reviews. I guess it depends on how long they end up being. :-)

    I'd read the first two books in the series quite a while ago and so this one was my first return visit with Kitty in awhile.

    I'm not sure what I think of the whole Kitty and her man(I don't want to spoil it!). I kind of was preferring someone else. Still, I understand why it works better the way it turned out.

    This was a fun book, wasn't it? I like Kitty too. :-) Great review!

  3. The 'relationship thing' was one of those times when you think...Wow, never saw that coming. :) Glad to see that you're still enjoying the series! *grin*

  4. I believe this one is my least favorite in the entire series so far :(

  5. Naida- It is a great series :)

    Literary Feline- I've been reading these for a blog tour so I've been reading and reviewing them really close together. Usually I would have spread them apart more but it is working this way as well. I will be watching for your reviews!

    Kimberly- I think I'm in the minority but I liked the relationship that Kitty has found herself in and hope that they continue on together. They just seem to fit well together.

    Ladytink- I still liked this one...was the relationship thing one of the reasons that you didn't like it? You'll have to give me an email and we can discuss it :)

  6. Oh the reason I didn't like this one quite as much wasn't really because of the relationship but (I do wish she wouldn't be paired up quite so quickly though) even if there was a sort of battle in the book it doesn't really compare with the others. I also didn't care for the fact that she was essentially hiding out.

  7. Ladytink- Those are definitely reasons I can understand. I like when she is stronger even if she admits to being afraid. Good points.

  8. Hi there:
    Ok, I get it, vampires are hot! Every which way I turn, I hear about Kitty -- what is this book all about and how many are in the series?

    By the way, the kids are adorable.

  9. Evy- There are six books in this series and they are about Kitty, a werewolf and radio dj. I really enjoy them and recommend them! The first book in the series is Kitty and the Midnight Hour.


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