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Guest Post with Linda Wisdom

Hey guys, I'm lucky enough to be able to share a guest post from Linda Wisdom. I just read and reviewed Wicked By Any Other Name that is the newest book in her Hex series so check out my review if you haven't. This is a fun series that I highly recommend so let's see what Ms. Wisdom has to say :)

The Librarian Explains The Trouble With Witches

Whenever Jazz needed to do research she visited The Library and if you who have read the Hex series you know The (long e) Librarian is the one to torment Jazz, guide her to the correct research realm, but also make her work for it. He does the same when Stasi seeks answers in Wicked By Any Other Name and leaves her with more questions than enlightenment.

And now The Librarian has decided it’s time to have a talk with the young witchlings about the dangers of venturing outside the protected magickal realms. But he forgets that maybe some of these witchlings might see it as more of an adventure!

The witchlings sat in a semi-circle around the ornate chair that resembled a throne. But then, the wizard seated in the chair did think of himself as a member of wizard royalty even if his kingdom consisted of many portals and realms that held books, scrolls, papyruses and even stone tablets filled with every form of magick and magickal history known to the supernatural community. And woe be to anyone who dared interfere with The (long e if you please) Librarian who ruled his kingdom with an iron plumed pen. Banishment from The Library was one of his favorite punishments.

The short bodied wizard wore old-fashioned bottle green colored knee britches, a faded waistcoat over a linen shirt the color of old parchment and a bottle green long tailed coat. Narrowed black eyes peered at the witchlings over the rim of
ancient half-spectacles perched on his beaklike nose, while his thinning brown hair was fashioned in a neat comb over.

“As you mature and gain full use of your magickal gifts, you must always consider your behavior,” he spoke in a rusty voice. After all, why speak when you can better use your time reading? “ There are those who haven’t carried themselves with the poise and grace your kind are known for and as such, they were banished to the earthly realm for the past 700 years.”

“The class of 1313,” one dark-haired witchling piped up. “But they have all had such rich lives.” She didn’t cower under The Librarian’s censuring look and the wizard knew she would cause trouble in decades to come.

“And they have had much trouble they could have avoided,” he said. “Such as Anastasia Romanov, Stasi,” his nose wrinkled with distaste. “She was one of the Witches Academy shining jewels and she chose to follow her classmates into banishment and ultimately living in a small town that offers little in magicakal enrichment.” He placed his fingers together steeple fashion and sat back in the chair, enjoying the rapt attention the young girls gave him. “By consorting withumans she was threatened with a lawsuit in Wizards’ Court and treated as a pariah among those she walked with. She was a shopkeeper.” His upper lip curled. “

“And a handsome wizard named Trevor Barnes walked into her shop and saw red hearts over her head, the same over his head that meant that they were soulmates,” another sighed. “

“Yes, well.” Clearly not something the prissy wizard cared to think about. “But she had taken care of the lake in her town and that was harmed by magick. She had been accused of interfering with a human’s marriage, and she learned that many did not see her as anything other than a creature of the dark arts.”

“But she wasn’t!” a student protested. “She only wanted women to be happy with themselves. It was wrong of them to see her as evil. To treat her so shabbily.”

“And that is what happens when you interact with others who have no idea of what you truly are,” he instructed. “Anastasia – there was no way The Librarian would use her nickname – was reminded of her time in Olde Salem during the Witch Trials and she fought many battles during a time when the veils of the realms were the thinnest. When Samhain connected with Mercury Retrograde and a lunar eclipse. When ghosts could not understand troubles in their own realms and modern conveniences proved to be useless as the snow fell on their town and took out power.” He glanced at the torches burning along the walls and candles on his worktable. “Some things are best left alone. In order to understand what can happen to you among humans you must study those who have walked among them. Anastasia and others have been among them for 700 years and while they may have performed their share of good deeds along the way, they also have created trouble that has only added to their banishment.”

“But they’re allowed here in The Library,” one witchling inserted. “I have seen Jazz, Griet,” she quickly amended under his glare, “and Blair, ur, Eilidh, and others from that class.”

“Yes, well, Eurydice,” he named the headmistress of the Witches Academy along with being the head of the Witches Council, “has deemed they be allowed to come here. Naturally, I make sure they follow all the rules.” A scroll that appeared to weigh a least 1000 pounds suddenly appeared then plopped itself on his desk.

The witchlings stared at the scroll of rules and fervently hoped they wouldn’t have to memorize them all. The Librarian is well known for inventive punishments if you break one of his ironclad rules.

“But Stasi is happy now,” the dark haired witchling reminded him. “Isn’t that what counts?”

The Librarian sniffed. “Perhaps you need to study more of our history as you help dust the shelves.” He smiled at the memory of that particular realm being miles long.

What about you? Would you prefer to stay in a safe orderly world such as The Librarian’s or would you rather venture out into the outside world as Stasi did even if her time there includes danger and the threat of her world never being the same again?


Thanks so much Linda for sharing this with us! I've gotta say that I would want to venture into the outside world myself but of course I've read the series and think it sounds like fun. LOL! If you haven't checked this series out yet then pick up 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover. And many thanks to Linda for sharing this and taking the time to post here.


  1. I admit I tend to be more like the librarian. If I do venture out into the unknown, I like to know as much as I can ahead of time so I can be prepared--at least as much as possible. Still, there is something to be said about taking chances and risks . . .

    I enjoyed Linda's post very much! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Literary Feline- I enjoyed it as well :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Literary Feline.

    The Librarian is a character that's very much the opposite of the others. Very precise, orderly, and woe be to the witch who dares argue with him.

    You have to wonder if the witchlings were going to heed his cautionary tale.


  4. Thanks Samantha 1020!

    I thought it was time that The Librarian had his say.


  5. Oh, this is a lot of fun, and that's one huge scroll of rules!

    I'm more on the librarian side of things, too. In fact, I love libraries and librarians and stories about them. I don't like change or surprises. In fact, I would secretly love to BE a librarian.

  6. Carolyn Jean,

    I introduced The (long e if you please) Librarian in 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover and while he won't be in every book, he'll show up now and then because he really is fun to write. And even very easy to picture.


  7. Outside world for me, if you please. Though I love research and do like to browse whenever I get the chance.
    Fascinating character, Linda. Thanks for letting us meet him.

  8. I'm kinda in between I suppose. I am a big fan or order and routine, but I like to take a risk now and again.

    Another great blog Linda. You are soooo on a roll! Keep it up. :)

  9. Thanks Michele.

    I really like The Librarian because he is so different.


  10. Thanks Sharon!

    I think The Librarian wanted his say on the matter.


  11. Linda, I love The Librarian! Persnickety? Sure, but he's such fun ... just like all the characters in the series.

    I have a foot in both the safe and orderly world and the take-a-chance world.

    This is an outstanding series, and I can hardly wait for more books!

    Nancy Haddock

  12. Hey Nancy!

    You have to admit the story is better coming from The Librarian than Dweezil's version. His would have to be heavily censored.


  13. nice guest post! I've seen this series around and it sounds great.
    The covers are too cute.

  14. Naida- This is a really fun series and I'm hooked on it. I'll be really looking forward to the next book in the series.

  15. I'm really on the fence I guess. I tend to drag The Librarian's kind of world with me wherever I go. *grin* Great post Linda, and thanks for sharing it Sam! :)

  16. Kimberly- I can understand that. It was a great post and I'm so glad that Linda took the time to answer everyone's comments. She is awesome!


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