Thursday, February 2, 2012

January in Review 2012

(These are the kind of pictures that I love...and my son will probably hate. LOL!)

January was a great month of reading for me! I managed to finish 8 books which hasn't happened in a long time. And I've already written reviews for half of them which means that I'm behind, but not totally behind. I also focused on being on the computer less which is probably how I got all of this reading done :) January was the month where I uploaded all of my pictures onto my computer and EVEN printed some off. I'm so proud! It would probably be even better if they weren't still sitting in the envelope, but were in a photo album like I intended. That's gonna have to be a goal for February :) Back to books though, here is what I was able to finish last month:

Favorite book of the month was hands down My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier! I LOVED that book! But overall, I enjoyed each and every book that I read this month which I would call a success. I managed to read my first two books on my Kindle and knocked off a few review copies as well. Looking forward to February, my goal is to read at least one book off of my own shelves. I have entirely too many books waiting for me to read that are my own. It is time to read some of those and find them new homes :) And I'm hoping to read a chunkster this month....The Passage, I'm looking at you! I'm off for a trip to the library with the kiddos...but tell me, what did you read this month that I need to get my hands on???? New books to add to the towering TBR are always welcome :)


  1. No way--I with that smile I bet your babe will love the picture when he's older. Such a bunch of cuties.

    Yay for a great month!! Hope February is just as good for you.

  2. I hope you enjoyed SJ Bolton's Now You See Me... I loved it and can't wait to read her next book out this year. I must say though, I prefer the cover on the copy I've got, it's much more fitting to the story.

  3. 8 books is great :)
    Awww...the kids are so cute. I have plenty of funny pics of my two kids as well, and now that they are 12 and 16, they cringe when I pull those albums! I try to develop my pics as soon as I can too, this way they don't sit on my computer or in my camera forever.

  4. Great books and a great month! I think our babes are adorable. I'm sure that you will make me want to read The Passage!

  5. That looks like a good reading month. I hope you have a review for Frost Moon, I'd love to know what you think. Do you have the second one to read, or plan to? I found the second book better than the first, but liked them both.

  6. Yay! I'm proud of you, too! :)

    I tried staying away from the computer too much also. When I do, I can usual get more read too. LOL

    Adorable picture!

  7. That is a great picture! And EIGHT BOOKS! I have no idea how you did that.

  8. That picture is great! He can show his friends how cool he was even when he was a baby.

    I really want to read The Passage before his next book comes out.

    You had a great reading month!

  9. CUTE picture! Is your oldest already avoiding having his picture taken or was he just not around?

    Looks like you had a productive January? The Pleasure of Your Kiss is on my wish list.

  10. Oh, I love Daphne DuMaurier's books! Sounds like you had a good month.

  11. Trish- I love this picture as well. And he was the one that put her sunglasses on which is why I couldn't resist taking the picture :)

    Nikki-ann- I loved Now You See Me!!! And I can't wait to read more by this author!

    Naida- I wish I could say that my pictures were in albums...that is something that I really need to focus on this year :)

    Staci- I'm really looking forward to reading The Passage at some point. Especially since I heard that the 2nd book is coming out sometime this summer.

    Sarah- I'm definitely planning on reading the 2nd book. And I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the 2nd one even more. Now I'm really looking forward to reading it!

    Kailana- Me too!

    Missie- I definitely get more reading accomplished when I back away from the computer. Especially Twitter :)

    Lisa- Ha! I have no idea as well but I'm pretty happy with that number!

    Darlene- I really want to read it as well! And hopefully before it is due back at the library :)

    Christine- I don't think that he was around at the time. He is into the phase of giving rabbit ears and making faces while I take pictures. LOL! It is a challenge to get a good picture at times :)

    Melanie- I love her books as well!


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