Monday, April 28, 2008

Fool Moon by Jim Butcher

This is the second book in the Storm Front series by Jim Butcher. I've gotta say that it's just as good as the first book. Basically in this story Harry is up against some killer werewolves. But there aren't just werewolves; there are hexenwolves, loup-garoes (sp?), and other shape-shifting beings. Fool Moon is just as action-packed as the first story in the series. I loved seeing Bob again in this book (he's the spirit that lives in a skull). There is always a bit of mystery within these books which keeps me guessing until the end. Harry does tend to get himself into some unbelievable situations but really it's an urban fantasy book. What else would I expect? :) And my favorite thing about Harry is his "moral" code that he seems to use with the decisions he makes. He is of some very old school beliefs which get him into trouble sometimes. Now I'm excited to read the next book in this series!! I would recommend starting off with the first book which I believe is Storm Front....but you might want to double check that and make sure I'm right. LOL!
Challenges: Casual Reading Challenge, A-Z Challenge ("F" Title)
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Shoot! I did want to add that my only negative with this book was that it was quite gruesome at a couple of points. Some readers might not like all of that detail. I skimmed a few parts but didn't think too much about it. ;)


  1. I really liked Storm Front, but I didn't finish Fool Moon. Mainly
    because I was in the mood for something with a bit more of a romantic
    element than what the Dresden Files have. It's on my TBR though.

    Did you see the Sci-Fi series that ran off of these books? Loved it!

    FYI - if you go looking for the "Storm Front" series, you won't find it. The books are filed as the Dresden Files.

  2. Haha- Thanks Jackie! I knew I had something wrong...just couldn't figure out what it was :) I'll get it right someday! LOL!

  3. Sounds like a great series - I love the paranormal - will be adding it to my TBR list.

  4. Hope you enjoy it Kara! It has been fun to read so far.


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