Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Laughing Corpse by Laurell K. Hamilton

Well folks, I did it...I finished my first book for my first challenge ever! Woohoo!! I read this book for the casual reading challenge. This is the second book in the Anita Blake vampire series. I have to admit that I liked the first one much better. This one was just okay for me and makes me a little hesitant on continuing with the series. I didn't care for the ending of this story...but of course that is just my opinion. I did like the first one enough that I will end up trying at least one more from this series. I really like that the author has such a strong female for the main character. It's fun to see how she will get herself out of dangerous situations. I'm off to read a book for a different challenge.

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  1. I have to advocate this series. It's one of my favorites. If I didn't already have the first 15 novels in paperback, I would buy the next one as a hardcover. If you're interested, I did a review on the entire series at my site. Just check the Hamilton tag.

    Quick question, how did you get involved in the 1st in a series challenge (or any of them for that matter)? My 50 new author challenge includes a lot of series, so I'm kind of interested in it.


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