Monday, December 17, 2007

Deck The Halls by Mary and Carol Higgins Clark

I'm daughter got her two month old shots today. I've gotta say that I dread this more than she ever could. I've resorted to babying her as much as possible every since we got home from the doctor's fact, I don't think I've put her down yet. She's been a trooper and seems to be sleeping it off. They have some new thing that is a vaccine that she swallows (they didn't have that when my son was little) but she refused to swallow. It was quite amusing to watch her spit it out...I felt for the nurse. She just kept refusing to swallow ...apparently swallowable vaccines are NOT all that great of an idea. She maybe swallowed half of it and the other half went down her chin and neck...anyways I thought I would share my morning.

I liked Deck The Halls. I'm not sure why I've never read the books that these two women have written together. I've read all of Mary Higgins Clark's other books but not these. This was a good holiday thriller(I guess that would be the word for it) that kept me entertained. Likable characters with a nice ending...I'm going to have to read the other books that this mother-daughter team have written.

My rating: 4 outof 5


  1. I just read their book The Christmas Thief and it was nice and easy to read. I think it may have been a sequel to your book - was there a detective and cop with the same last name and her father or mother was kidnapped? That was mentioned in my book, and, there is a third one out this Christmas, about a cruise. I'd read another as well.

  2. Yes, this was the first book..I jusy finished The Christmas Thief as well..haven't reviewed it yet..they were both cute mysteries!


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