Monday, August 8, 2011

Library Loot- Library Craziness

Library Loot is hosted by Marg and Claire and asks us to share our latest finds at the library.

I have no words....I just can't seem to stop. Just look at all of those pretty covers though. I'm pretty sure that there should be a limit to my craziness when it comes to books but there isn't one. I just love browsing and finding books at the library. Here is what I've picked up in the last week:

(With a side note, that yes I do know that there are more books here that I usually even read in a month...LOL! Did it stop me from bringing these books home or wanting to bring even more? Nope.)

Gorgeous covers, aren't they?? I'm on a horror/dark fantasy/creepy, gothic books kick which should be explanation enough for most of these. I think that I'm already in the mood for fall weather and creepy reads that fit the season. But in August :) In fact, if you have any horror recommendations I am all ears. And seriously, one of these days I'm going to spit out a review or two. One of these days...


  1. Don't feel bad, I do the same thing at the library, but I work there so it's even worse! Enjoy!!

  2. lol...I can't control myself at the library either....I always take out more than I can possibly read in the alloted time.
    All the ones you chose sound good. Happy reading :)
    Ahhhh....horror recommendations ...where do I begin? Stephen King is always my go to author for a good scary book. His older stuff like The Shining and Misery is fantastic.

  3. When you find out how to control yourself in the library, let me know your secret :) I went last Thursday evening to pick up a book I had on hold and came home with four books. FOUR! Like I needed those other three.....

  4. Love your last two lines... I am right there with you :)

    Looks like you are in the mood for some creepy reads. Have you read anything by Joe Hill? Highly recommend him for a good, frightful read!

  5. I love covers of Vampire Voss and Iron Witch. Enjoy!

  6. I am amazed and jealous that your library got THE NEAR WITCH so quickly -- enjoy! :)

    And, haha, I get TOO many books all the time. I don't think it's a problem as long as you don't forget to renew. ;)

  7. I love your library loot posts. The only problem is I usually end up adding something to my wishlist. Lol.

  8. Great covers! Hopefully the books live up to your expectations.

  9. Steph- If I worked at the library I would probably bring home books every single day. LOL! (And I'm not even kidding)

    Naida- I used to read King back in the day but it has been a LONG time since I've picked up any of his books. I've always wanted to read The Shining but I keep wussing out.

    Talesofabookaddict- Ha ha! That's almost exactly what I did except I believe I ended up with 6 which is even worse.

    Iliana- I've been struggling to get myself to sit down and write some reviews lately. I have a tendency to want to do anything but write reviews. Hmm...

    Linda- Aren't they great? I'm super excited to read something else by Gleason!

    Jenn- My library system is pretty awesome and I was pretty stoked to get my hands on this one as well.

    Darlene- constantly add to my wishlist so lets call it even :)

    Kailana- I'm just hoping that I get the chance to read most of them.

  10. What great loot! Have you read all of these by now? So many appeal to me... I've added a few to my reading wish list. :)


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