Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Sunday Salon - Rereads

Good morning saloners! January is flying by and the weather here is cold, cold, cold. Cold enough that my son got to stay home from school on Friday with the young ones which meant a nice three day weekend :) Well, except for me as I had to work of course....but the rest of the family stayed inside nice and cozy.

I've been reading up a storm this week which is a nice change of pace for me. I just finished reading Kitty Goes to War by Carrie Vaughn (be on the lookout for my review this week) which was a fast, enjoyable read. I'm now reading Moonlight Mile by Dennis Lehane. Shutter Island was one of my favorite reads last year so I have high hopes for this book. Although I didn't realize that this book is part of a series, I'm liking what I've read so far. And now I'll just have to go back and start at the beginning of the series of course :) I'm also about to begin Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. This will be my 1st classic of this year and I'm both excited/nervous to read it. Has anyone else read this or is anyone currently reading this?? I just love the cover of the edition I'm reading which helps make me want to pick it up and read it...I'm a nerd like that :)

But I've been thinking about rereading lately which brings me to the topic of my post. I'm a series reader which I'm sure most of you know. I love series and finding new series to begin. But lately I've realized that I read so many different series that I sometimes feel the urge for a reread in the middle of the series. Case in point would be Rachel Vincent's werecat series. I've read the first three books but rather than continuing on to the fourth book, I'm thinking of starting at the beginning and rereading the previous books first. Part of the reason why has to do with her recently publishing the last book in this series (I believe there are 6 total) and part of it has to do with it being over a year since I've read this series. Does anyone else reread books from series?? I'm considering doing this with a couple of other series where I've only read the first book and never actually continued on with. And this doesn't only apply to books that are in series. I've been seriously considering rereading The Thirteenth Tale and Rebecca which were both books I read in 2008. But there are so many other good books that I still haven't read as well. Are you a rereader? Why or why not??

I'm off to read and comment on everyone's posts that are in my reader...that is until the Bears come on. And then all bets are off as it will be football Sunday for the rest of the day :) Happy Sunday to everyone!!


  1. Happy Sunday Salon. The temps here are freezing too.

    I hope you enjoy Wuthering Heights. I'm re-reading it myself now. I do like that cover too, it's the one I'll be using for my review :)

    If I forget the details of a series, I will go back and re-read. I do like to re-read favorite books even though I know theres plenty of 'new to me' books I can be reading too. I like to re-visit old favorites.

  2. The month does seem to be flying by, doesn't it? It hasn't been too cold out my way though--at least not recently.

    I do love the Kitty books! I think I have Kitty Goes to War around here somewhere to read. Not sure if I packed it yet or not. I look forward to reading your review on it. And you've reminded me how much I want to start on Lehane's series. I still need to work my way up to Moonlight Mile.

    I hope you enjoy Wuthering Heights, Samantha. I know it's a favorite for many. It's not my favorite, I'm afraid. I much prefer Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

    I'm not a big rereader but I do keep certain books around in case I do want to reread them. I've only recently started giving away some earlier series books in series I'm still reading. It's been harder than giving away stand alones, let me tell you! By giving them away, I no longer have the option of going back and rereading earlier books should I want or need to. I don't know if it was the right decision, but what's done is done. I tried only to get rid of earlier books in series that my interest is floundering in and I may stop reading soon.

    I hope you have a great week!

  3. Happy Sunday! I'm also a big fan of series books but I can't say that I ever go back and re-read books. Actually I have a bad habit too of not even going back to the first in the series in case I ended up reading the books out of order. That's why I always prefer to start with the first one to see how the characters and story lines develop.

    Stay warm and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. Happy Sunday although it sounds like you're rooting for the wrong team. :p

    I often stop in the middle of a series to reread. When Harry Potter was still coming out, I used to reread all the previous books before each new one came out. I like rereading anyway, and rereading before carrying on keeps things fresh and fun.

  5. At least we're sharing the cold weather today!! I don't normally reread books, but I will be doing that with the Harry Potter series this summer.

    I hated Wuthering Heights..sorry...but I did. I do however, love that cover!!!

  6. This is some fantastic stuff. I discovered lots of things which I have been searching for.

  7. Well, the only series I reread are LOTR and Harry Potter. :) I'm not too much into series, maybe that's why. But I do like rereading, because that's like visiting an old friend.

  8. I keep books for the purpose of re-reading them one day but I rarely ever do. Mostly just because I have so many other books I'd like to read first. I've read Wuthering Heights about 3 times, though--read it as part of a readalong last year and I have to admit the cover you posted is part of the reason why I joined. It's a wretched book but also dear to me. ;)

    I'm not a series reader but I can see how they'd make you feel like you need to re-read or refresh on earlier details.

    Sorry about the Bears, Sam. Would have liked to see them come to Dallas next weekend...

  9. Naida- I'm not very far into Wuthering Heights yet but I'll let you know. And I just love this cover! I do like to visit old favorites as well :)

    Literary Feline- I didn't realize until I started reading it that Moonlight Mile was part of a series. After finishing it I am going to go back and start at the beginning. Hope you have a wonderful week as well!

    Iliana- I hate reading series out of order so not going back to the beginning would drive me!

    Jenny- Harry Potter is a series that is just meant to be reread in my opinion. I love it! And we were definitely sad to see the Bears lose :(

    Staci- I sure hope that I end up liking Wuthering Heights. I'm a bit nervous about reading it and I haven't read that much of it yet.

    Aths- I'm in the middle of rereading the Harry Potter series right now. I love to reread books that aren't part of series as fact, I'm thinking of rereading Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier this year around Halloween time.

    Trish- I would have loved to see the Bears play in the Superbowl but what can you do? And I'm really nervous that I'm not going to like Wuthering Heights after reading everyone's opinions on it.


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