Friday, January 21, 2011

Bloggiesta Goals

It's time for Bloggiesta and all of the fun that comes along with it to commence! Or actually it has already begun but now I'm joining in on the fun :) It's the perfect time to work on our blogs and get all of those tasks that we've been thinking about doing, planning on doing, or just have been procrastinating on doing...well, it's time to get them done! And I can't help but wonder how many of us ate tacos tonight?? I know I did. I think that Bloggiesta makes me hungry :) Here's a list of some of the things that I would like to get achieved over the weekend:
  • Catch up on some reviews (I only have one review from this year that needs to be written but there are plenty of books I read in 2010 that still need to be reviewed)
  • Write up a few On My Wishlist (Radar) posts
  • Write up a new library loot post
  • Link up my reviews to my books read pages for 2008, 2009, and 2010
  • Update my blog links in the sidebar
  • Join those last couple of challenges that I've been meaning to sign up for

I'm sure that I'm going to add to this list as I go but this is a pretty good start for now. I have absolutely no idea how many hours I'll be able to devote to bloggiesta with my kids causing chaos all around me but I'm sure going to try :) Ole!


  1. I've only finished one of my goals, but have done all the mini challenges.

    Good luck finishing your goals!

  2. One of the great things about Bloggiesta is the food! I heard more than one comment about what Mexican food people had for dinner. Glad you have joined up. Have a great weekend!

  3. Great goals! Good luck with them, and have fun...have a Margarita with some Nachos!

  4. Ellie- I keep getting sidetracked and doing different projects than I planned on..I'm off to try some of the mini challenges next.

    Natasha- Thanks for hosting this and helping to motivate me. And the tacos were delicious!

    Thanks Naida!

    Laurel- That margarita sounds delicious...maybe after all of the kiddos are asleep :)

  5. Good luck getting everything you want done! I know what it's like to try and work around the chaos...!

  6. Ashley- It can be quite insane around here but I wouldn't have it any other way :)


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