Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Salon- Reading Reviews

Good morning once again to all of my fellow saloners! Is it raining nonstop wherever you are at? It has been raining since yesterday here which makes it kinda gloomy outside but I don't mind. It basically means that I get to read a bit more than I usually do which is nice. And I like to hear the sound of the rain falling because it relaxes me. I'll be ready for the sun if it doesn't stop by tomorrow but for now I am just enjoying it. Now on to reading news and such.
I just finished Dance of the Gods by Nora Roberts. This is book 2 of the Circle Trilogy and I enjoyed it more than the first one for sure. I'm excited to pick up the 3rd one which wasn't the case after the first book. I read this for the dragon tag for the book tag group on Shelfari that I recently joined. I've got two more dragon books that I'm hoping to get to but who knows as there are a lot of other books that I want to read as well.
I also recently finished Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot. This is the 1st book that I've read by her and I thought that it was a fun read. Kinda like chick lit meets cozy mystery all mixed into one. Cute for sure! I haven't had a chance to post a review of it yet but I'll try to do it later today. Now I just have to decide what to pick up next. I'm thinking Moon Called by Patricia Briggs because it is due back at the library soon. In fact, it might have been due back yesterday...I better check that out :) Here's hoping that you all are having a relaxing Sunday as well.

P.S.- I won my very 1st book online this week. As soon as it comes in the mail I'll let you guys know what it is. I'm really excited about it!!!
P.P.S.- The picture is of my daughter and her very 1st pair of pigtails. LOL!


  1. Yesterday was the first day it didn't rain non-stop here for the past fortnight or so! Maybe we've swapped climates?

  2. We have a band of storms moving in, so we're about to get socked. It hasn't rained non-stop, but most of the morning. Kind of a gloomy day.

    Congrats on your book win!

  3. Table Talk- It sure sounds like it...LOL!

    Bookfool- I hear ya on a gloomy day. Thanks for the congrats :)

  4. I really want to read a Patricia Briggs book. I have heard too many good things.

  5. oh my gosh, soooo cute!!!!
    i've been meaning to read the Circle Trilogy by Nora. It sounds good.
    enjoy your Sunday.

  6. JKaye- I just started the Briggs book and it is good so far. I've heard lots of good things as well so I'm excited.

    Naida- The Circle trilogy is getting better..although I wasn't so sure at first. Thanks and enjoy your Sunday as well :)

  7. No rain where I live--it's still summer in fact, with the temperature supposed to get to 102 tomorrow. I wouldn't mind some rain, although not as much as so many others of you are getting. I hear it's pretty bad in many parts of the country. :-(

    I would like to read Moon Called one of these days. I hear it's a great book.

    Congratulations on winning a book!

    have a great week!

  8. Literary Feline- 102! It has definitely cooled off here and feels like fall has begun. I'm liking Moon Called so far so I'll let you know once I'm finished.

  9. What a cute picture!!!

    I wasn't able to do a Sunday Salon this week due to a power outage from IKE. I can't believe it hit here in Ohio - usually we some rain due to tropical storms, but nothing like we had yesterday!!

  10. Kara- I hope you got your power back. The weather has been insane here as well and I live in Illinois. Who would have thought, right??


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