Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Salon- Hot Air Balloons

I'm going to share a story before I get to my reading news of the week. Friday night while I was driving in the car with my kids (we were running a ton of errands) I spotted a hot air balloon. My son had never seen one and he was excited to spot not one but seven balloons flying in the sky. As we were driving towards them we noticed how low they were, and before we knew it we could see the people riding in the little baskets. People were pulling off to the side of the road just to look at these beautiful balloons. I felt like a little kid (I was as excited as my son) counting the balloons and looking up at the people in the sky. It makes me think that I don't take the time to appreciate the little wonders as much as I should. I couldn't remember the last time that I felt so excited over something so little. A lesson learned on not getting so caught up in the everyday rush of life, huh?
Now to make this post book-related, I just finished Purity in Death by J.D. Robb last night. I love this series and am very partial to the characters so it was a good read for me. I needed something easy and enjoyable after finishing The Translator. The Translator was a really moving and powerful book that I think that everyone should pick up. So now I'm reading Kitty Goes To Washington by Carrie Vaughn which is the 2nd in this series. I'm also considering taking Woman In White by Wilkie Collins to work and leaving it there to read on my breaks. Usually I just drag my book back and forth between work and home but I always worry that I will forget my book and having nothing to read on my break. LOL! Wouldn't that just be the pits? Now I'm off to see what everyone else is reading. Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Every year there is a hot air balloon festival just down the highway and sometimes I will make a point of going out to see the balloons. I have yet to ride in one myself, although I would like to.

    The Translator is such a powerful book, isn't it? I agree, it's one everyone should read. I really enjoy Carrie Vaughn's books and need to pick up where I left off with the series.

    Have a great week!

  2. Literary Feline- I would be too scared to ride in one but I love to look at them :) Have a great week as well!

  3. Where I used to live we seemed to be on a hot air balloon path I used to see them regularly and still to this day I love to see them. My friend has been up in one - her parents treated her to a ride for her birthday - and she said it was exhillerating!

  4. Loopyloo- I think that would be nice to see them all of the time. I can't remember the last time that I saw one and am thinking that it has been years. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I loved The Woman In White when I read it about 20 years ago. It comes up so often, at least more often than I'd think, in blogs that I'm tempted to try it again!

    And, I agree that we must not let little things rush by unenjoyed. Although I don't think I could personally ride in a hot air balloon with much joy, I do like looking at them. ;)

  6. The hot air ballons sound pretty to look at. But i'm pretty sure I would faint if I had to get in that basket and go up in the sky like

    The Translator sounds great.
    I do the same thing, I carry my book to and from work every day. One time I left Twilight at work on a Friday, and went back to get it, I couldnt spend the entire weekend not reading

  7. Bellezza- I'm glad that you enjoyed The Woman In White. I've been meaning to read it for some time so I'm looking forward to it.

    Naida- I agree. Looking at hot air balloons are okay but going up in one is a different story!

  8. Samantha - I have good news for you.

    Check out this post on my blog!

  9. I'm there with you all the way when it comes to J.D. Robb's 'In Death' series. I love that series and I never grow tired of any of the characters. But I'm so behind now I'm starting to panic. I'm three books behind and counting...

  10. Amy- Thank you so much!!!!!

    J.S. Peyton- I'm glad to hear that somebody enjoys the series as much as I do. I'm alot further behind than you but eventually I'll catch up :)


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