Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What I've Been Doing....Besides Blogging!

Trying to keep up with these three crazy kiddos.  Working.  Cleaning and other fun Mom stuff.  And reading.  Lots of reading!  I'm currently rereading and completely absorbed in these:

I'm about halfway through Heaven and Earth but already have the final book in the trilogy ready and waiting for me.  I promise that maybe I'll actually get back to blogging (because I have lots of ideas and plans for posts) after I finish these.  But I'm so glad that I decided to reread these...it was just what I needed :)  What have I missed with my impromptu blogging break????


  1. How fun! It sounds like you are busy but fitting in some fun too.

  2. I am aamzed that you manage to read as much as you do! Your darling children will certainly be readers like you.

  3. Happy reading! I've been on a small bloggy break myself. There's just never enough time in the day it seems. The kiddies are too cute as always!

  4. I love those books!! Your kids are completely adorable!!!!


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