Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Trouble With Magic by Madelyn Alt (thoughts)

Summary from Goodreads:

"Antiques-shop clerk Maggie O'Neill was a little weirded out when she discovered her new boss Felicity was a witch. But when Felicity becomes the suspect in a local murder, Maggie must enlist Felicity's wiccan friends for help--and discover her own spellbinding talent."

My Thoughts:

The Trouble With Magic is the beginning to a cozy mystery series that I had wanted to begin for some time.  I'm so glad that I finally found the time to read it because it was quite an enjoyable read.  I love a good cozy mystery and I really don't think that I read enough of them.  This book made me wonder why because I just didn't want to set it down and it was such a pleasure to read.  

There was something about this book that just instantly drew me in.  This is the type of book that makes you want to curl up in a chair with a blanket and just read.  And that is exactly what I did at times.  There isn't a ton of action in a book like this but there doesn't need to be.  I just went along for the ride as Maggie works to discover who could really be behind the murder of Felicity's sister.  It was fun to see her try to figure out the mystery while also trying to deal with the paranormal elements that came along with working in Felicity's shop.  Maggie is a sceptic when it comes to believing that her boss is a witch but it isn't long before she starts to question her beliefs in the paranormal.  For me the paranoramal element to this book really worked!  I liked that Maggie was a non-believer and had to really adjust to the idea of working for a witch.  I'm eager to see what future books in this series will bring in regards to Maggie learning more about Felicity and her "witchy powers".  Heck, I'm just looking forward to reading more books in this series because I really enjoyed this one.  The mystery was well done, the ending was nice and suspenseful, and even though I guessed the murderer it didn't detract from my reading experience.  And I really appreciated that!  

All in all, I found this to be a pretty good read and I'm glad that I finally began this series.  Now I just need to find the time to read the second book!  If you are a fan of cozy mysteries (and especially those with a paranormal bent) then I would definitely tell you to give this one a go.  I would actually recommend this one to anyone who is a fan of mysteries if I'm being honest.  Recommended!

Bottom Line:  A quiet but suspenseful read!

Disclosure:  This book was checked out from my local library.


  1. I really liked this one too! I still haven't read further in the series though. Too many other books getting in the way.

  2. I so need to read a cozy m! I am so bad, I never buy one

  3. Sounds great..I'm addicted to this type of book so it's going on my Cozy 2013 Pinterest Board!!!!!!


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