Monday, January 18, 2016

When Reading Plans Go Awry....

or your reading mood changes completely and this book feels like a MUST read right now.  You just have to go with it.  I'll be back to my January reading plans after this (or at least I think I will be- ha!).

I've also decided to participate in the week long, A Winter's Respite read-a-thon, that begins today.  Cruel and Unusual will be my first book for it and then I will see where my reading mood takes me.  I've participated in this read-a-thon multiple times and it is always fun.  My goal will be to finish two books this week.  

Happy Monday and Happy Reading!


  1. I love reading to my mood, it definitely changes the plans but it feels so good, even a little exciting.

  2. I totally support 'mood' reading. I pretty much always do that. I do make plans, but often, well, 'mood' hits. And I need to read something else, other than the planned. Wonder if it's because I plan and organize and am fairly meticulous about most other things in my life. My reading is where my 'true' self shines. Have a good week!!

  3. I know what you mean. I think I've learned the hard truth that I can't make reading plans - I'm too much of a mood reader to make it stick. Have fun with the read-a-thon! That looks fun!

  4. Sometimes you just have to go where the books take you. :-) Enjoy!

  5. Happy Monday, Sam! I hope you enjoy this book and the read-a-thon.


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