Sunday, January 3, 2016

January Reading Plans (2016 Edition)

A couple of years back I used to make a pile of books that I wanted to read for each month but then as usual these posts fell to the wayside.  This seems to happen often with me in regards to blogging.  I'm not always good with a strict reading schedule (in fact I'm awful with that type of thing) but I do like having a pile of books to choose from to help narrow it down.  Because let's face it, choosing the next book that you want to read can be HARD sometimes when there are so many great books staring back at you.  The above picture are the print books that I have in my pile but as I'm currently participating in #COYER I also have some e-books in my pile too.  Here are the books that I'm hoping to read in January:

  • In The Bleak Midwinter by Julia Spencer-Fleming - 1st book in a mystery series that has been on my radar for some time.  The title of this one makes me think that it will be a perfect read for this time of year with snow and ice on the ground!
  • Between a Vamp and a Hard Place by Jessica Sims - Review copy and a book that I know virtually nothing about other than it sounded good enough that I wanted to say yes to reading it.  This happens way too often if I'm being honest but I'm still excited to read it!
  • Homicide in Hardcover by Kate Carlisle - 1st in a new to me cozy mystery series.  This book has been on my shelves for a ridiculously long time and I'm excited to finally take it off.  
  • Enraptured by Candace Camp - Review copy that showed up unexpectedly but sounds good so I'm adding it to my reading plans.  At least I think it was unexpected...I'm not really for sure about this.  It does also fit my goal of reading more historical romance this year though.
  • Snow Angels by James Thompson - A thriller set in winter time?  Heck yeah!  I couldn't resist adding this book to my reading plans when I was browsing my own shelves.  And the description on the back of the book makes me want to read this one right now!
  • Beside Myself by Ann Morgan - Review copy for a TLC book tour.  The tour isn't until February but I thought I would get ahead of the game.  Plus this one sounds excellent so why wait?
  • Swerve by Vicki Pettersson - Review copy and carry over from 2015.  I actually had just barely begun this one and then had to set it aside as I had a book tour book that I needed to get finished first.  I never ended up going back to this one but I am going to now.  This one started off great so I can't wait to finally finish it.
Here are the e-books that are being included in my reading plans:

  • Kill Without Mercy by Alexandra Ivy - Review copy from NetGalley and a book that I've wanted to read every since I first heard about it.  I won't be waiting any longer to read this one and I'm so excited for it!
  • Steal Me by Lauren Layne -  I blame Lisa for this one entirely.  Also a review copy from NetGalley that I just had to request after reading her thoughts on this one....I just couldn't resist.  I get a lot of my romance recommendations for her so I can't wait to give this one a try!
  • City of Light by Keri Arthur - 1st in a new series by Arthur and also NetGalley review copy.  I've enjoyed everything that I've read by Arthur so far so I can't wait to give this series a try!
  • The Shut Eye by Belinda Bauer - Review copy from NetGalley.  Does anyone else sense a trend here?  This is why I have banned myself from requesting any more books during #COYER.  I have too many already that I need to get through first before I request more.  This sounds super good and comes out this month so I added it to the reading pool.
  • The Girls She Left Behind by Sarah Graves - Last year I read and LOVED the first book in this series so of course I requested this one from NetGalley when I saw it.  I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens next in this series!
Twelve books is a bit of a ridiculous number if I'm being honest but I wanted to make sure and give myself plenty of books to choose from.  If I don't get them all read then I can always add them to another pile in a different month.  Just looking at these books gets me pumped to start reading.  Maybe I will have one of those stellar reading months and will start the year off with a bang!  That would be amazing!

Tell me what your reading plans are for this month!  Have you read any of these?  Is there one that absolutely cannot be missed?  


  1. I have read In The Bleak Midwinter. Loved it. Try that one. It's a great series. Others sound good. Look forward to hearing what you think about them. 2016 is going to be an epic reading year!!

  2. A book pile is a beautiful thing! I haven't read any of those, but they sound intriguing. Happy January reading :)

  3. A book pile is a beautiful thing! I haven't read any of those, but they sound intriguing. Happy January reading :)

  4. Look at those books! So many good ones to look forward to! I barely know which book I will be jumping into once I finish my current read, which I know you can relate to, and so this is such a great idea. I haven't read any on your list, but they do sound good!

  5. Great pile of books! I hope you enjoy the Kate Carlisle book. I've read a couple in her series and they are fun. I'm curious about the Sarah Graves book so I'll have to look for that one. Have fun with your planned reads!

  6. Wow! I haven't read any of these, Sam. But I think you will enjoy a lot of these books, if not all of them. I finally chose my first book of 2016.

  7. That's a lovely haul, Sam! Enjoy those books and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them.

  8. I haven't read any of those but they look like a good bunch to choose among! I have far, far too many books checked out of the library at the moment, plus a pile of reading commitments I haven't done, so that's...a bit overwhelming. I am going to try to finish at least one of the, I dunno, five? books I'm in the middle of right now, so that at least I can feel I'm making forward motion. :p


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