Monday, August 18, 2014

Bookish Goodness (Or Where I Finally Admit that I am a Book Hoarder)

So let me explain the title of this post in a way that makes me sound slightly rational.  I hope.  Maybe.  The other day we were finishing up school supply shopping and afterwards I ran into my local Everything is a Dollar store.  While I browsing the aisles letting my daughter pick a new coloring book for school, I came across their book section.  Imagine my delight at finding Pastworld by Ian Beck just sitting there on the shelves.  But then (OH MY GOODNESS) I saw The Poison Tree by Erin Kelly sitting there and I literally gasped in happiness.  I have been wanting to read this book for so long (and hopefully the next R.I.P. challenge will be here soon) and this book would be just so perfect for it.  But here is where it gets a little hairy.  I (quite irrationally) wanted to buy all of the copies of The Poison Tree.  Because it makes me sad that it is being sold for just one dollar when I am absolutely certain that it is a good book.  Folks, this makes me a book hoarder extraordinaire!  Because I was sitting there trying to rationalize why I needed six copies of the same book.  I don't.  Although I really should have bought one extra so that I could at least host a giveaway (and I have been berating myself for not thinking about that every since).  Sigh.  I should lead a book hoarders support group.

In other bookish goodness, I received a copy of One of Us by Tawni O'Dell thanks to the publisher.  I have been wanting to read this one so I am super excited to add it to my shelves.  And as if these three books weren't enough I added two more books to my ipad thanks to NetGalley and the publishers. 

I couldn't resist these books based off of their titles alone!  Every time I see these books I get one of the songs stuck in my head.  I am looking forward to reading them and seeing if they are as fantastic as I hope that they will be.  Now, I should really step away from NetGalley (and away from any store that sells books) and focus on reading lots of books for the Bout of Books read-a-thon. 

Which of these books would you read first?  Happy Monday everyone!


  1. You considered buying all 6 copies, lol, (wide eyed) yes you are officially a book hoarder and many love you for that. :-) Fun post Samantha

  2. I resisted the books at the Dollar Tree when we were there this weekend, but it was hard. Very hard. It was probably because I was sick and all I wanted to do was go home and go back to bed. Enjoy your new books!

  3. Enjoy your new books, Sam! I think it's great that you love books so much, and your kids will, too!!! :-)

  4. lol I know, it's hard to resist good book deals. Buying one for extra for a giveaway is a good idea.
    Happy reading!

  5. Oh my God, it took so many years after the seventh Harry Potter book came out for me to stop having the urge to buy it every time I saw a copy in the store. YEARS after it came out, I would see it in a shop and think "OH MY GOD there has been a mistake and they've put out the SEVENTH Harry Potter book, how can I buy these without the store people realizing they've done this absurd mistake?" And I'd have a brief vision of distributing copies to my adoring and grateful friends-and-relations, and then I'd remember it's been out for years. Luckily I always stopped myself from actually buying any copies -- I always feel I'm teetering on the edge of the book-buying cliff, but (hopefully) not going over.


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