Saturday, August 2, 2014

July Reading Wrap-Up (2014)

(Yet another Disney picture since I can't seem to take time to share an entire post.)

July....yet another one of those months that was jam packed which meant that for me the month flew by.  I ended up taking a step back from blogging as we just had SO MUCH going on every weekend that I couldn't keep up.  Combine that with a desire to lose myself in some good books and you had a very absent blogger.  It was much needed though as I needed the break to prepare myself for the going back to school craziness that begins in August.  This I am not ready for and neither are the kiddos :)  Actually that isn't quite true.  They are ready but to varying degrees when it comes to going back to school. The oldest is ready for football to start but not ready to go back to early mornings (I swear he thinks he is a teenager already the way he sleeps) and my daughter is super excited to go back but also nervous (apparently first grade is tough...LOL!).  Before all the chaos begins though, let me tell you about my reading month in July.

July was apparently meant to be the month of comfort reads and rereading.  I only read books from series that I love and I didn't crack open a single review copy.  o.O (I can't remember the last time that happened!)  It was an amazingly satisfying month of reading.  I felt like I read more when I looked at the numbers but really each book in the Grant trilogy is 500+ pages so I really did read a ton this month.  Here are the books that I managed to finish:

  • Conspiracy in Death by J.D. Robb (reread)
  • Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews
  • Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews
  • Feed by Mira Grant (reread)
  • Deadline by Mira Grant (reread)
  • Blackout by Mira Grant (reread)

Favorite read of the month??  I am honestly not even sure how to answer this as I LOVED each book that I read this month.   Every book in the Newsflesh trilogy is excellent/fantastic for their own reasons.  The Kate Daniel's series has become one of my very favorite urban fantasy series.  And you all know how much I love me some J.D. Robb.  These earlier books in the Robb series are just such great reads!  When it comes down to it though, Blackout ends my very favorite zombie trilogy leaving me satisfied but sad as I don't want it all to end so it gets top honors for the month.  Best zombie books ever!!!  And definitely worth an epic reread!

August reading plans are forthcoming.  I'm starting to get excited for fall and the upcoming R.I.P. challenge so my reading pile will probably reflect that.  As I have all three of my children participating in sports (football for the oldest and soccer for the younger two), I am just going to work on finding lots of time to read hopefully.  I am tired just thinking about it.  Ha!

What books are you hoping to read in August?  What was your favorite read in the month of July?  Please share as I am a nosy reader and love to hear about books that you loved :)


  1. My favorite read in July was the first two of Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Boys series. I fell stupid in love with those books and have been forcing them on everyone who comes near me all month. I'm sad that I've now read all her books and there are no more new ones until October. (Could be worse, obviously -- October is not that far away; it just FEELS far.)

    Are y'all having fun shopping for school supplies? I absolutely love shopping for school supplies. I sign up for those things where you buy school supplies for kids in poverty, which is partly because I want kids in poverty to have nice things, and partly because it is so darn fun shopping for school supplies. (Expensive though.)

  2. Good luck with the school preparations! My time will come soon enough! Mouse will be starting her preschool lessons in another week or two, I think.

    It sounds like you had a great reading month, Samantha. You deserved a good dose of comfort reading and I am glad you were able to get some in! I haven't read anything by Grant yet, but I do want to. I love Ilona Andrews, of course. Need to catch up!

    My August and September reading will be full of book tour reading--how did I let myself get involved with so many?! I'm usually better than this. Anyway, the books all look good, so we'll see.

    Have a great month of August, Samantha!

  3. I have had my eye on the Grant books for along time. I love back-to-school time and buying school supplies! But I still have a bit before I get to buy any for Garrett. Hope August treats you well :)

  4. I don't know where July went either. The kiddies are just beautiful and getting big. Are you on instagram?
    You've made me add the Mira Grant books to my wishlist. My fav July read was The Fault in Our Stars.


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