Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Sunday Salon: Reading Randomness

Happy Sunday!  Whew, I feel like these last two weeks flew by in a blur.  It was a lot of go, go, go and not a lot of down time.  That's okay because today is going to be one of those rare quiet days where we have absolutely nothing going on.  Priceless!  Although the last two weeks were super busy, I managed to fit in a fair amount of reading in there.  That's a positive!  The flu ran through our house though which was definitely not fun.  My youngest had it the worst, and he is just now starting to act like himself again.  What else?  Oh yes, my oldest son was outside practicing baseball and managed to get a black eye after missing a pop fly.  Just in time for school pictures.  LOL!  I just may have to buy one to keep.  Other than that it was a just a normal albeit busy two weeks.

In 2014, I have already managed to read 28 books including graphic novels and audios.  That is fantastic for me and means that I'm six books ahead of my goal to read eighty books (according to Goodreads).  I was pretty happy with that number until I realized that I really haven't settled down with a good chunky read yet.  This is going to have to change!  I have a bunch of longer books that I want to read but never actually take the time to read.  I've already made my reading plans for this month but in May I shall be picking one large book that I want to focus on.  Because I know that I constantly say that I want to read ALL of the books, but really my focus is quality over quantity.  I could be missing out by not reading some of those longer books off of my TBR list.  I haven't decided yet which book that I want to read but possibles include It by Stephen King, Parasite by Mira Grant, and The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters.   I'm open to suggestions if you have any other big books that you've loved recently.

On to the books I finished in the last two weeks which were:

Dark Witch by Nora Roberts- This was a good read for me but it didn't suck me in like other trilogies of hers have.  It was good enough that I definitely want to read the next book, but I was glad that I waited for my library to get a copy.  I feel like I liked it better then some other reviews I've seen, but it wasn't as great as I hoped.  Review to come.

Summoning the Night by Jenn Bennett-  This is good urban fantasy and was a great read!  I love the characters, love the unique storylines, and always find myself eager to grab the next book.  In fact, I'm already putting the third book on hold at the library because I want to read it NOW.  I will be reviewing this one very soon!

Pies and Prejudice by Ellery Adams- This was a cute beginning to a cozy mystery series with some paranormal aspects.  I almost instantly found myself caught between the pages but the ending of the book was a bit of a let down.  I'm hoping that the next book in the series will give us more of the answers that I didn't find from this book.  I'll be writing up my thoughts on this one as well.

The Walking Dead: Volume 3, Safety Behind Bars by Robert Kirkman- I'm so loving reading these comics.  I never know what to expect, and they are getting darker and more intense as I go on.  This one left off with a cliffhanger so I'm putting the next one on hold asap!  I just hope that it comes in fast at the library.  I probably will wait to share my thoughts on this one until I have at least read one more volume.  So review to come.

I'm currently reading the following:

I haven't even had the chance to crack this one open yet but it will be my next read.  I've been meaning to start this one for ages (in fact according to Goodreads I added it to my TBR list back in 2011).  I'm finally pulling it off of my shelves, and am ready to see what the buzz about this series is all about.  Up next will possibly be this one:

Squee!!  I saw this on NetGalley and instantly requested it.  I just loaded it onto my ipad so I'm ready to go.  This may be my MOST anticipated read for 2014 so I will not be waiting long to read it.  Yay, yay, yay!  Happy days!

Plans for today include laundry and reading.  That's it!  It's raining outside, my house is clean (mostly), and I have nothing else planned.  I shall blog, read, and then maybe blog so more!  It sounds perfect!  What are you doing on this rainy Sunday?

Happy Reading!


  1. Happy Sunday! A new Sharon Bolton book? I'm going to check my library's website now to see if they have it in the queue. Can't wait! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. Just doing some chores and trying to catch up before another week starts.

  2. None of my free sources have the Jennifer Bennett books, boo. I have that Bolton tho, and might get to it sooner rather than later, need to check archive and pub dates in case anything is running out of time.

  3. Wow your week sounds eventful! I am glad everyone is back to normal now. :)

    I have been wanting to read Dark Witch! I will have to check it out!

  4. It looks like you are having a great 2014 so far. :)

  5. I wonder what you will think of Rosemary and Rue, I really enjoy that series :D

  6. I hope you had a nice Sunday! The ones where you have nothing planned can be heavenly. We try to have at least one "free" day a week, at least, but it doesn't always work out that way.

    I will have to check out GoodReads and see what my progress is. I'm pretty sure I'm not too far behind you. I have read a few bigger books, but most of them were fast reads so I'm not sure they count. My current book, Blind Assassin, is a big one and definitely slow going. I'm enjoying it though.

    I hope you have a great week!

  7. Wow .. 28 books? I'm jealous! I'm at 18, which has me 3 books ahead of my goal of 50 books. So I'm doing pretty good. I love lazy Sundays! I have an almost two-year-old ... I don't know what it's like to laze around the house, lol!!

  8. Iliana- The Bolton book is up on NetGalley if that helps. I don't believe that it releases until sometime next month but I don't think I can wait that long. This is one of my absolute favorite series!!

    Lisa- I wish I would have saved my copy because I could have sent it to you. I already gave it a way so double boo :) I can't wait to hear what you think of A Dark and Twisted Tide. I have high hopes for it myself!!

    Quixotic Magpie- Dark Witch was good but it wasn't my favorite. The second book in the trilogy actually just released and I haven't even put myself on the holds list for it yet. Let me know what you think if you do end up reading it!

    Kailana- I'm VERY happy with my reading year so far!

    Blodeuedd- I loved it! I actually just finished it the other day and I am so glad that I already have the second book on my shelves. I should never have waited so long to try this series!

    Wendy- I think the biggest book I have read so far this year was Blood Harvest. I really, really need to take the time more often to read chunkier books because they can be the ones that are most rewarding. I'm planning on doing that soon!

    Tara- My kids are a bit older so that does help :) Although to be honest I'm not sure that we ever just laze around the house either. LOL! And 18 books is a really great number too- quality over quantity, right??


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