Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stranger in the Room by Amanda Kyle Williams (thoughts)

After loving The Stranger You Seek, I went into this book with very high expectations only to seem them shattered in the best possible way.  Stranger in the Room was even better than the first book in my opinion which just goes to show you how much I loved this thriller!  I'm blown away by just how good this mystery series is....I need the next book as soon as possible!

In this book, Keye has two different ongoing cases that she is investigating.  One of them involves her cousin, Miki, who like herself battles her demons over alcohol and drugs.  Miki believes that she is being stalked, and it is up to Keye to figure out what is really going on.  Is it all in Miki's head thanks to the drugs that she won't stop taking or is there something more sinister going on?  Keye is also looking into a weird mystery involving a crematorium and chicken feed.  Between these two investigations, Keye finds herself not only struggling with her former addictions but also in some serious danger.  Can Keye find the answers without losing her self control?

This book was SO good!  Just writing about it gets me excited about this series all over again :)  I love it!  The author has managed to create such an honest, raw character in Keye whom I can't help but connect to.  She struggles with her past on a daily basis but keeps moving forward.  She isn't perfect and doesn't expect herself to be.  I am completely hooked on this series thanks to her character.  And the mysteries of course.  Because the mysteries are complete page turners!  I never know what to expect which keeps me on my toes. This one felt darker and more sinister to me which I really liked.  I don't know why but I really like thrillers that are dark and gritty.  And this series so far has fit into that category perfectly.  The author did a great job of taking two different storylines and tying them together in a way that really worked.  I was hooked from almost the very first page.  And the ending!  This author always manages to take me by surprise with the endings of her books.  I love it!

All in all, I am a HUGE fan of this series!  I'm really, really eager to get my hands on the third book to see what kind of trouble Keye finds herself in next.  This author is now on my favorites list, and I would rank my love of this series up there with S.J. Bolton's Lacy Kincaid series.  This book really has everything that I look for in a good mystery with a strong female lead, tons of suspense, and a riveting story arc.  I cannot wait to read more!  Highly recommended but especially for those fans of thrillers and suspense!

Bottom Line:  A must read series for me!  Start at the beginning with The Stranger You Seek!

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book thanks to the publisher.  Thoughts are my own!

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  1. Wow! Your enthusiasm is terrific, Sam. I will keep an eye out for this series the next time I want to read thrillers!


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