Thursday, February 27, 2014

Disenchanted & Co: Her Ladyship's Curse and His Lordship Possessed by Lynn Viehl (thoughts)

Disenchanted & Co. managed to remind me of all of the reasons that I love books with steampunk settings!  This book was such a delight to read, and I truly cannot wait to continue on with this series!  I wanted to read this book based off of the gorgeous cover alone but then a blurb by Gail Carriger (one of my favorite steampunk authors)?  It instantly became a must read for me and it was well worth it!

In this book, Charmian aka Kit works as a magic debunker.  Basically, she helps people who believe that they are under magical influences or curses by finding the real root causes for their troubles.  Kit finds herself in over her head though when she takes up work for an important family that lives on the hill.  She finds herself in imminent danger while trying to adjust to the fact that magic just might be real.  But will she survive unscathed?

This book worked for me on so many levels.  I loved Kit's character.  She didn't let the fact that she is a woman and not of nobility by any means stop her from anything that she does.  Instead, she does the opposite and puts herself in jeopardy so that she can help others.  I like that she is just learning about her family and their history.  It makes everything about her a bit more mysterious, which means that I'm looking forward to learning more in future books.  I also really liked the role that magic played in the story.  Kit has spent her entire life debunking magic and doesn't believe in it whatsoever.  This fact plays an important role in the majority of the storyline.  Because she isn't like others and the reader seems to realize that from the very beginning.  There is something special about her that makes her different but also that put her in danger.  The mystery in this book was top notch and really kept me intrigued.  It was definitely hard to figure out who was behind it all, and I had quite the time guessing.  The author did a great job of creating some twists and turns that kept me on my toes while reading.  I just never knew what was going to happen next.

My only complaint with this book is that it got a bit confusing towards the end.  I think that this is mainly my own fault as I was reading so fast since I wanted to see how it would all end.  I had to force myself to slow down and reread a bit.  And there is this huge twist where I just could not figure out how everything was going to work out.  But the author pulled it all off quite nicely and the ending left me more than satisfied.  In fact it left me wanting more, and I am more than ready to read the next book.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and am very eager to continue on with this series.  The author has created a very unique world that is unlike any other steampunk book out there.  I loved it!  Kit is a great main character, and I cannot wait to see what other kinds of trouble that she will get herself into.  Because she is bound to get herself in more trouble.  And I cannot wait to read about it!  I would definitely recommend this series to fans of steampunk and even urban fantasy! 

Bottom Line:  A stand out beginning to this series with a main character that I adored!

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review.  Thoughts are my own.


  1. I love the premise of this novel! I am glad you liked Kit so much. I will have to look for it.

    (When a book says Part 1, does that mean it's only half a book or the first book in a series?)

  2. Too bad you didn't care for this book, Sam! But seriously, terrific, enthusiastic review!

  3. It's too funny because sometimes I'm rushing towards the end of a good book and I miss important stuff and have to go back to get it all! :)

    Sounds like a very fun read!


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