Friday, February 25, 2022

This Golden State by Marit Weisenberg (thoughts)


Summary from Goodreads:

"The Winslow family lives by five principles:

1. No one can know your real name.
2. Don’t stay in one place too long.
3. If you sense anything is wrong, go immediately to the meeting spot.
4. Keeping our family together is everything.
5. We wish we could tell you who we are, but we can’t. Please—do not ask.

Poppy doesn’t know why her family has been running her whole life, but she does know that there are dire consequences if they’re ever caught. Still, her curiosity grows each year, as does her desire for real friends and the chance to build on something, instead of leaving behind school projects, teams, and crushes at a moment’s notice."

My Thoughts:

Aren't you just intrigued by that premise?  As soon as I read those five principles included in the summary, I knew that this was a book that I wanted to read.  And I jumped at the chance to read this one not even realizing that this book was young adult which I don't usually read.  Books like this could definitely change that though!  I started this one on a Friday night only expecting to read a chapter or two.  Before I knew it though, I was almost 35% in.  This book was such a page turner (well I was swiping pages since I was reading on my e-reader).  From the very beginning, I found myself completely intrigued by the premise.  I kept trying to guess what her parents were running from and why.  It just made for such a compelling read.  I'm going to be honest that the budding romance was an element of the book that I could take or leave.  I don't mean that in a bad way - it just wasn't what kept me reading and pulled me into the story.  I'm also not the intended audience for this book - and I can guarantee that my daughter would be completely behind the romance that was developing.  I'm actually planning on handing my copy of this book off to her because I'm absolutely sure that she would enjoy it.  The one that I loved most about this book was that even with all of the unknowns and questions - the love that Poppy's family had for one another was strong and present throughout the pages of this book.  It was so nice to see the love that they had for one another.  I just really enjoyed this book and definitely plan on reading more by this author in the future.  

Readers who enjoy young adult mysteries, suspenseful and page turning reads, or those who just want a plain good read should pick this book up!

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book thanks to the publisher.  Honest thoughts are my own.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

On a Night Like This by Lindsey Kelk (thoughts)


Summary from Goodreads:

"Within days of wishing she could change her life, Fran Cooper is acting assistant to a celebrity, on a yacht in the Mediterranean, and en route to a tiny Italian island and the glittering Crystal Ball, along with the world’s rich and famous.

When she – quite literally – bumps into a handsome American called Evan, a man able to keep his cool in the face of chaos, the magic really begins.

Evan makes her a promise: no last names, no life stories, just one unforgettable night. Yet Evan belongs at the Crystal Ball and Fran is a gatecrasher. They may be soulmates, but their homes are an ocean apart, and their lives a world apart. They’ll never meet again – unless, on a night like this, everything can change forever…"

My Thoughts:

On a Night Like This was the perfect change of pace from the mysteries and thrillers that I've been reading lately.  It was absolutely delightful and the perfect reminder of why I enjoy books like this so much.  Fran is struggling to find a job and because of this is feeling a bit stalled with her life.  Her relationship with her fiancee isn't the best and she is just feeling a bit lost.  And then she jumps at this short term job opportunity and everything changes.  One of the things that I liked most about this book was that it was unexpectedly funny.  It was also a really charming read.  In fact, this book reminded me a bit of Confessions of a Shopaholic almost.  It was something about the humorous situations that Fran kept finding herself in that made me think of that book.  It just made this book feel like such a fun ride.  I found myself swept along within the pages watching Fran trying to navigate all of these new circumstances and experiences that kept happening to her.  And the entire experience was just plain fun.  My one word of caution is that the development of the relationship is really based off of just one night for the most part.  That's a bit fast or maybe not enough time for a lot of readers.  For me, I think that the author made it work because although the book focuses on that one night there is more to it.  I don't want to say more than that because it might be considered a spoiler.  Suffice it to say that I was completely behind the relationship developing between Evan and Fran.  I was especially behind Fran discovering what she really wanted in life and figuring out what was important to her.  I think that readers who enjoy romance, women's fiction, and just reads that make you smile will want to pick this book up.  It's one that I can easily recommend and I look forward to reading more by this author in the future.

Bottom Line: A humorous and delightful romance!

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book thanks to the publisher and TLC book tours in exchange for an honest review.