Thursday, October 24, 2013

Library Loot: Drowning in Books

Library Loot is hosted by Marg and Claire and asks us to share about the lovely library finds that we bring home!

I honestly cannot remember the last time that I shared my library loot with you guys!  I haven't been going to the library as much as of late (just not enough time) and I have plenty of my own books waiting to be read.  I was starting to go through library withdrawals though (I'm only kind of kidding) so I made a point of finding the time this week to visit my local library.  I walked out with entirely TOO many books but also with a smile on my face.  Now I'm happy, happy and I have lots of good books just waiting for me to read!  Good stuff!  I'm starting to really consider the fact that the end of the year will be here sooner rather than later so I tried to grab books that felt like must reads for me.  2013 has already been a really good reading year quality wise but I can always try for even better!  Here are the books that I ended up taking home with me:

I can't even begin to decide which of these I would like to read first!  I think that I need to find a read-a-thon or two to join so that I can actually make a dent in this library pile.  The focus here seems to be urban fantasy but I also managed to slide in a historical romance and some romantic suspense.  Each of these books are just one more reason why I LOVE my library!  Love!  Have you guys read any of these?  Which one should I start with first?? 


  1. Aw, I really like Sarah MacLean! I was leary of her books at first because of the titles, but she's really become one of my favorite romance authors.

  2. A new Kelley Armstrong series? Awesome. I didn't know about it. *off to check my library*

  3. It's great that you love your library and your kids will benefit from this, too. I haven't read any of your featured books I hope you'll enjoy them, Sam.

  4. I need to make a trip to the library soon to return some books, which of course means check out some books too! haha.... Enjoy your library loot!

  5. Jenny- I ended up finally reading A Rogue By Any Other Name and I really enjoyed it. I'm super excited to read more of her books because of it too :)

    Linda- I was so excited to hear about it as well EVEN though I still haven't finished any of her other series. It doesn't matter....I plan to read them all! LOL!

    Suko- My kids adore going to the library and they especially love it when we take the time to go to the "big" library. So many more books and toys for them to explore/enjoy. :)

    Iliana- I'm hoping to make one more big trip to the library before the end of the year. I put a bunch of audiobooks on hold so I'm waiting for them to come in. And I finally put Joyland by King on there as well because I just couldn't resist ;)


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