Sunday, November 3, 2013

Reading Plans (Or Where I Get Overly Ambitious)

November is here, the colder weather is starting to arrive, and I'm already starting to think about the upcoming new year.  It all just goes by so fast that I can't help but want to make a final push and get some major reading done in the next two months.  Because I have entirely TOO many books loaded on to my ipad I've decided to use this month as a way to focus on e-books.  I find it very, very easy to add books to my e-reader without feeling guilty because I don't have to see them physically.  It's addictive!  I have found two challenges focusing on cleaning out some of those e-books and review copies so I'm joining in on both.

The first challenge that I'm joining in with is for NetGalley November.  I NEED to join this challenge just so I can get a few of those countless review copies finally read.  I love, love, love NetGalley but I'm way, way, way behind so this challenge fits me perfectly.  I'm aiming low with the easy level (1-4 books) but I would really like to read more.

I'm also joining in with the Clean out your E-reader Challenge.  I buy entirely too many books for my e-reader and this will be a great motivation to get some of those read as well.  I'm assuming that this challenge also includes review copies but that is why I'm joining both just in case.  If I manage to do well on these two challenges it will also mean that I've finally knocked a few extra books off of my ipad.  A definite win in my book!

But now for the fun part.  Here are just a few of the books that I would like to read this month for these two challenges:

These are all books that I have purchased for my ipad but haven't yet read.  Looking through the books on my e-reader makes me realize that I really, really need to stop buying books.  Yikes!

And these are all of the review copies from NetGalley that I would like to get read.  I'm actually currently reading A Study in Silks by Emma Jane Holloway which is quite good so far.  Now it may not be very likely that I will be able to get through all of these but I'm sure going to try!  I also have two print review copies for blog tours that I HAVE to get read for this month...and a dozen library books that I would sure like to read.  LOL!  I told you that I was feeling ambitious :)

What are you planning on reading in November? And are you feeling the urge to read more like me??


  1. Circle of Fire was really good... haven't read any of the others. Good luck!

  2. Yes--I want to curl up with a book as much as possible now that the days are shorter and cooler. Enjoy your goodies, Sam! You have many tempting books here.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of nice books! lol about NetGalley November, that's a cute challenge.
    I know what you mean, I need to read my e-books. My Nook is overflowing. I LOVED On the Island. I actually bought the second e-book recently. Happy reading!

  4. I recently finished Delia's Shadow and it was a quick read. A Friend of the Family is great. You've got lots of good stuff to look forward to. Cool challenges too - good luck!

  5. You have several really good ones on there - I have the whole A Study in... on my COYER list this month too. I hope I can get to them. Good luck :-)

  6. Looks like a bunch of great books! Good luck!

  7. I unofficially am devoting November to cleaning out some of my Edelweiss and NetGalley books by reading them. I'm in the mood and I'm ready! You've got a couple on your list that I need to read too.

    Good luck, Samantha!

  8. I'm this way with audiobooks, too. I have 60 or so of them on Audible and since I get a credit every month they just keep adding up. I keep meaning to make a list of all the ebook and audiobooks I have to keep tabs, but honestly I'm too scared to. ;) Good luck with the challenges!! I cannot believe that 2014 is right around the corner.

    1. Trish,
      I love audiobooks. I can't image having that many titles to pick from * eyes kindle and physical TBR piles* OK, maybe I can!

  9. Good luck with your challenges. I really loved On The Island and the spin off novella.

    I have really noticed that my approval rating has gone done since Netgalley started to provide a percentage on my profile.I am really hoping that this challenge will ell me to tackle my Netgalley TBR and improve the situation.

    After the first week I am at approx. 50%. I don't know how close to 80% I will get ( my math's isn't very good) but I am aiming to read 8 books during the challenge. So far I have managed 2!

    My plan is to start with the recently published and work my way back through my galleys

    Now, if only I could resist the urge to request more titles...

    Happy reading,


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