Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sweatshirts in July?? and other Rambles

(My family and I this past weekend up at the boat cookout with my parents.)

  • We spent this past weekend up on my parent's houseboat for their annual marina cookout.  It is always lots of fun and this year was no exception.  Good food, music, activities for the kids, and a few adult beverages were the way I spent my weekend so I have absolutely no complaints.  
  • Except for the fact that I wore a sweatshirt almost all weekend long!  In July???  This is unheard of.  I'm 98% sure that this was the coldest weekend that we've ever spent up on the boat in what is supposed to be the dog days of summer.  Since we are going up again this weekend I have hopes that it gets a bit warmer before Friday.
  • It's official: I have both a fifth grader and a kindergartener this year :/  Where did the time go?  No seriously, where did it go?  I'm not ready for my baby girl to be in kindergarten but boy is she ready.  She is super excited although her focus is on making friends and not all of the fun stuff that she will be learning.  This doesn't really surprise me so we will see what I'm in for :)
  • Not only have I registered the older two for school but I've also signed them up for football/soccer.  Soccer will be the first sport that my daughter has ever participated in so she is super excited.  And this is the first year when my oldest plays with the "big boys" in tackle.  He played tackle last year but it was a different age group (and probably not quite as serious).  This year should be lots of fun to watch!
  • In bookish news my reading slowed down to a dribble last week.  Obviously I've got a lot going on but really.....no books finished??  Luckily I finished up Crimson Wind yesterday which was a super good follow up to Bitter Night.  But the ending was a cliff hanger and now I need to get to book three as soon as possible!!
  • I'm undecided still on whether or not to finish reading The Last Victim by Karen Robards.  For now I think that I'm going to let it go back to the library unfinished.  I'm just not sure if I will ever go back to it or not but if I'm being honest then probably not.  Since it is rare for me to not finish a book I've even been considering writing up a DNF post.  We will see...
That's enough rambles out of me for one evening.  I'm probably going to be kind of quiet this week due to lots of overtime AND my stepdaughter will be in town.  Yay!  We get her for two weeks so we will be on the go for most of it.  I will try to keep in touch as I can but I probably won't be posting regularly for a bit.  I hope you all have a great rest of your week!


  1. You know I was just thinking as I was looking at the picture that the kids have gotten so big. I agree where has the time gone. Gosh I remember your posts from way back when they were all so small. It's been great seeing them grow up and be happy. I'm sure school will be a real adventure for your daughter.

    On to the weather - sheesh it's exactly the same here. I'm wearing pants and hoodies. It's ridiculous. Many here are saying that fall has already started but I sure hope not. Anyhow the houseboat sounds like a wonderful way to spend time cold or not.

    Hope you have a good week despite being busy Sam!

  2. That sounds like an awesome weekend! Yes, where does the time go? My son is a H.S. senior who drives. Yeah. I feel like the doctor told me I was pregnant just yesterday and now my son shaves his mustache and drives.
    It sounds like you are very busy, happy summer, happy reading, happy family time!

  3. Good luck to your daughter in kindergarten! I loved kindergarten. I got to skip reading class and read by myself in book loft, and we had hermit crabs, and we did that thing where you make patterns with glue on construction paper, and then sprinkle glitter all over it and the glitter only sticks to the gluey parts so you have a beautiful glitter picture. KINDERGARTEN.

  4. What a great picture! And what a great way to spend the weekend. It sounds like so much fun. Can I become a member of your family? LOL

    How exciting for your daughter! I wish her all the best in kindergarten. I don't even want to imagine Mouse being old enough for kindergarten. Not yet anyway. I hope your daughter enjoys soccer. Mouse has such fun with it (although I'm not sure you can really call it soccer at her age). And tackle football for your oldest son? Yikes! I am sure he'll have fun. :-)

    I hope you were able to find some quiet time amidst all the busy. I know how hard that can be.

  5. I hear you about the cold July!! Can you believe those crazy temps?? We're still chilly here in Michigan!! What a great family picture and I'm sure regardless of the temps you all had a great time!!

    The family is growing up way too fast!! I can't believe that I will have an empty house in a few short weeks. makes me very very sad. My reading has slowed right down too, but it's okay. I'm debating about cutting way back on my posting and all the pressure I tend to put on myself!!

    Soccer and football...great sports!! Enjoy your family time and the two weeks with your step-daughter!!!


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