Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Reading and All that Jazzy Stuff

Let's all disregard the fact that we are knee deep into summer already and I'm just now posting this.  What can I say?  I'm constantly behind but at least I have good intentions.  I just haven't been sitting down in front of the computer as much lately.  I could give you a million excuses but it really comes down to the fact that I haven't taken the time.  I have been reading though which means that I could maybe...possibly...try my hardest to read all some of these.  And if you are wondering, I don't read any differently during the summer compared to other seasons.  I'm still a moody reader that needs a lot of variety.  I like to just kind of flow with whatever book sounds good at the time.  And I constantly want to read EVERY book that sounds slightly interesting.  Let's look at some of the books that I would love to read this summer.

Beneath the Shadows and Swimming At Night are both thrillers that sound deliciously dark and suspenseful.

Grave Peril and Heat Stroke are both the next books to read in the two series that I am currently rereading.  I'm itching to get to both soon!

Starlight and The Temptation of Your Touch are both historical romances by authors that I've read before and enjoyed.  They are actually both the second books in a series that I've been meaning to read for awhile now.

The Surrogate and The Burning are both the beginning books to two mystery series that I've been meaning to start. 

After Hours and The Darkest Hour are....heck, just look at those covers. Some romantic suspense, yes please!

Afterlight and Rosemary and Rue are both the beginning books to urban fantasy series that I want to try.  And both have been sitting on my shelves for far too long!

Chasing Perfect and Until There Was You just look like summer reads, don't they?  Must reads for sure!

Whew!  I'm worn was hard deciding on which books to include.  It sure seems like I want to read all of the books especially when I starting browsing Goodreads.  There are so many more that I could have let this post could gone on and on.  But I'm going to sign off by asking you all just one question:

What's your MUST READ book of the summer?


  1. My MUST READs for this summer are Neil Gaiman's new book and Marisha Pessl's new book. I want to read them ever so much. I have a bunch of other stuff too, but those are my two most important ones.

  2. I'm a very moody reader too so I don't really do "summer" reads. I do recommend The Burning - that was excellent. I need to follow up on that series. And, love that cover for Beneath the Shadows - creepy!

  3. I don't necessarily read differently during the summer either. Though I do think there are definitely fall/winter feeling books! No must reads for me--I'm tackling some chunksters lately so it's hard to squeeze in any others. I'll read The Talisman (King) next month and then eventually in the fall will read Outlander!

  4. I don't read differently during the summer either. I just read. I've been listening to quite a few audios lately and I really enjoy them. I can crochet or do other things while listening. You have a great summer list. I don't think I have a must read this summer but there are a whole bunch I'd like to read. I do want to get through listening to Under the Dome by Stephen King though. It's good but long.


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