Sunday, July 21, 2013

High Summer Read-a-thon and other Reading Ramblings

Yay for week long read-a-thons!!!  They are the only ones that I have a real chance of succeeding at.  LOL!  I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't participated in a read-a-thon lately and then I came across a post for this one.  Serendipity! 

I don't have any set goals for this read-a-thon but I'm hoping to finish the three books that I'm currently reading.  Yep, somehow I find myself in the midst of three books.  I hate when I do that because then I end up reading less than usual somehow (don't ask me why but it is true).  Since my reader died I picked up The Last Victim from the library to finish.  Unfortunately it is just not the book for me.  If I wasn't 3/4th's of the way through it I would probably already have set it aside.  (And if you are wondering it didn't get really weird/uncomfortable until this point)  I was going to just call it quits but I can't help but wondering if the end will make up for everything.  I highly doubt it but I have to find out.  I'm also hoping to finish Vanish With the Rose by Barbara Michaels and Crimson Wind by Diana Pharaoh Francis.

 So these are my goals/reading plans for the High Summer Read-a-thon.  I'm also looking forward to participating in a Twitter chat or two and hopefully meeting some new bloggy friends :)  In other reading news last week was a bit more quiet for me reading wise.  I only finished one book (in large part to the reading blahs I got from Robard's book).  I finished reading:

 Chasing Perfect by Susan Mallery was a fun contemporary romance that was cute.  It wasn't an outstanding read but I did like it enough to gobble it down in a couple of days.  I'm eager to see how the other books in this series compare because sometimes the first book can be one of the weaker ones.  I'll definitely be reading more about Fool's Gold!

I stood strong on my book buying ban this week which is a good thing for my shelves.  I did bring home a few from the library but I'll share about those in a library loot post.  I'm hoping to start back on a running/walking schedule again this week.  I've let myself get a bit lazy but it is beyond time to get my butt back in gear!  And I've also got the urge to pop out some book reviews.  Considering how behind I am I'm going to go with it.  I might end up posting a bunch this week so be warned :)  That's definitely enough rambling out of me for one Sunday. 

Happy Reading and Happy Sunday!


  1. Good luck on your goal! I'm hoping the read-a-thon gets me reading more than usual. Happy reading!

  2. I hope to participate as well! This read-a-thon seems more relaxed and "reader friendly".

  3. Glad you're joining us, Sam! The starting line post goes live in 15 minutes. Be sure to sign in when you start reading for the week. Hope you get some good reading in. =O)

  4. You were so good to finish the book! I would've just read the last chapter and called it good!!! Have a great week, my friend!

  5. Oh I haven't read any Barbara Michaels in ages! I used to love those gothic-y mysteries she writes. I should check another one out one of these days.

    Enjoy the read-a-thon!

  6. Looks like you have some great books picked out, other than the one you are not enjoying that is.

    Happy reading!

    1. Wanted to stop by again to thank you for joining me this week. Happy reading!

      Your children are adorable. =O)

  7. Hope the reading is going well for you this week. I got a wild hair yesterday and managed a few reviews but I still have a couple that need to be written before I forget the books entirely. Good luck with the exercising. I started back on my bike the last few weeks and its going ok. Hope the kiddies are well!

  8. I always do that, wind up in the middle of two or three books at once. Happy reading! I've wanted to read Susan Mallery, that one sounds cute.

  9. Vasilly- I am really late here but I hope that you were more successful with this read-a-thon than I was. I signed up for a few of these in the past couple of months and then didn't get anything read. I hate when that happens :)

    Suko- It was very reader friendly. I just wish that I hadn't been able to participate more!

    Michelle- Thanks for hosting this! It was lots of fun even if I didn't get a lot read :)

    Staci- I didn't actually finish the book. I thought about, tried to persuade myself to (since it was a review copy), and then gave up because there are entirely too many books out there to finish ones I don't care for. I might go back and read the last chapter to see how it all ends now that you mention it. LOL!

    Iliana- I adore Barbara Michaels and am currently collecting all of her books. LOL! Be Buried in the Rain is my current favorite by her but I've only read four of her books so far so who knows? :) You should definitely give her a try again if you get the chance!

    Alexa- Yeah it did end up being some pretty good books :) I hope that you were successful with this read-a-thon!

    Darlene- Ugh! Me and exercising....I do so good and then boom. I stop completely with no motivation. LOL! I've got to figure that one out so that I am doing it both regularly and consistently! I need to get a ton of reviews written (I'm so far behind). The kids are well...thank you for asking! How is Sammy doing??

    Naida- It is a bad habit for me. I read more and finish books faster if I just focus on one but yet I'm always in the middle of a couple. LOL! I liked Chasing was cute and fun which is what I was looking for!


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