Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rereads and Mini Reviews

Before book blogging came into my life I was a HUGE re-reader (if that is really a term).  I still reread some of my favorite books but not to the same extent like I used to which I'm sure could be a discussion/post all by itself.  That's not my intent for today though.  Instead I thought I would share some mini thoughts on two rereads that I finished in 2012.  Because if I don't do it soon I probably never will.  And once again since it is STILL January I'm adding a new goal to my never-ending and always expanding list of goals for 2013:  that goal is to reread more.  I always enjoy revisiting books that I have loved from years back.  Plus, it is one of those things that I'm always saying that I'm going to do but never end up really doing.  So new goal set.  And here are some mini reviews on two rereads:

I've decided to reread the first couple of books in Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series before continuing on.  I wasn't quite sure where I had left off with the series and wanted to just go back and start at the beginning.  I remember reading this one a few years back but I didn't remember the plot at all.  And once again I found myself immersed back in Harry's world.  In this book Harry is up against his most difficult foe yet.  Harry has to figure out who is behind the most brutal and horrifying murders that he has ever come across.  And he has to do it before it hurts the people that he cares about the most.

I absolutely, hands down love this series.  Even just rereading this book sucked me down so deep in the world that Butcher creates and I didn't want the reading experience to end.  I love it!  Harry is such an awesome main character with a huge heart that gets him into trouble more often than not.  And he always seems to find himself caught up in big messes.  I'll admit that I couldn't figure out how he was going to get himself out of the mess that he was in this time because he was in deep.  What else to say?  I didn't want to put it down, I was sad when it ended because I wanted more, and I'm eager to read the next book.  In fact, just sharing my thoughts on this one has me thinking that I should grab the next book from the library.  Because I NEED more Harry Dresden in my life!  I highly recommend this series and enjoyed this reread enough that I would rate it a rare 5 out of 5 stars if I did ratings.  Just be warned that you really should read Storm Front first and that this one was quite gory at times.  Other than that I've got nothing bad to say!

Bottom Line:  A kick-ass read that left me wanting more!

Ill Wind is the first book in Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series which is ANOTHER series that I'm rereading before continuing on with.  Except with this series I know that I only read the first two books so I'm rereading these and then I'll keep going with the rest of the series.  Ill Wind was even better than I remembered it and I can't wait to grab the second book from the library.  Joanne is running for her life and there is only one person that she can go to for help.  The only problem is that he is also a wanted man in hiding.  But Joanne is desperate and determined to save herself.  As long as she can outrun the weather that is following her every step.

This book was intense from the beginning to the end.  I always find myself completely surprised and pleased when I'm sucked back into a book that I've already read.  And while I remembered some of the plot line, there were enough holes in my memory that I was still turning pages as fast as I could.  This book was one big whirlwind and I loved every second of it.  And that!  It still packed quite the punch even the second time around.  I'm super excited now that I'm diving back in this series which means that of course I'll be picking up book 2 sooner rather than later.  This is another book that I would highly recommend especially if you are looking for a read that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  A must read for fans of urban fantasy and a 4 1/2 star read for sure!

Bottom Line:  A fast paced, intense read that I couldn't get enough of!

Looking back it seems that rereading both of these books was a VERY good idea.  They both left me wanting to read more in the series.  And they were both fresh and different from a lot of what is out there in the urban fantasy genre.  I'm hooked on both of these series and more than ready to continue on.  And writing up my thoughts on these two books has solidified my need to reread!  Now I just need to figure out what I want to reread next....Harry Potter anyone????


  1. These books/series sound intense! I'm glad you're enjoying your rereading once again, and so much. Some things are better the second time around!

  2. I need to read Jim Butcher at some point, I've heard good things. The Rachel Caine books sound good too and cool cover. Enjoy re-reading! I read the HP series twice myself. I'm actually finishing up re-reading a Stephen King book at the moment. It's nice to re-visit.

  3. I've been toying with Butcher for years now. Your re-read and mini review sold me!! The other series sounds pretty cool. I'm glad that your memory had some holes in it so that the re-read could be just as intense and satisfying as it was the first time around. I am re-reading HP...I'm on book 4!! I loved reading them visiting family!

  4. I've read the first two Weather Warden and loved them, but never got around to the 3rd. I'm on book 6? 7? of Butcher and while the last one didn't do it for me, I hear the next one starts picking up again.

  5. I always WANT to reread but there are so many shiny new books all the time that I almost never do. I should really make time to reread some of my favorites!


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