Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Really Random Tuesday: It-Along

Really Random Tuesday is hosted by the lovely Suko and let's us share basically anything that we want to :)

The Stand. It beat me. Or I should really say that I gave up after less than 100 pages. Yikes! I just couldn't get into it so I set it aside for other books. And then more books. Before I knew it the read-a-long was over and I hadn't really even begun. Oops! So I decided to return it to the library and try again another day. I mean it is a HUGE book. I can try again later, right???

But who am I to give up on Stephen King after one read-a-long?? Instead I'm diving head first into ANOTHER read-a-long and for a book that scares the living daylights out of me. Ummm...just look at that picture :/ I hate clowns! I'm absolutely, positively certain that this one will probably give me nightmares but I just HAVE to try it. Kinda like I really, really, really want to read The Shining (and every other book that King has written) at some point but I'm terrified. So this book may hang out in my freezer while I sleep....and I'm only halfway kidding. But I'm throwing in my hat and am going to participate. Baby steps to picking this one up from the library. And then baby steps to cracking the book open. I is scared... :)


  1. Sam, thank you for doing this meme! I have It also; maybe if you read it, I will follow your lead! :)

  2. Yes! Join us... *creepyvoice* It will be so much fun! I'm sorry to hear you didn't like The Stand! :( I actually will be ranking it as one of my favorite books read this year! But, that's what Uncle Stevie does, his works really splits readers on one side or the other of whether or not they like it.

    I listened to the audiobook for The Shining and I would highly recommend that when you get to reading it. Campbell Scott is an absolutely phenomenal narrator and he makes the story much, MUCH creepier!

  3. I am really enjoying the IT audiobook and am trying to pace but I do get caught up in it. I listened to The Stand, too, but the IT narrator is much better, imo.

    and now that Natalie says Campbell Scott reads The Shining, I know I will succumb to that one, but that one is the one that REALLY scares me!

    Welcome to Italong!

  4. Happy reading Sam :) I read IT a few months ago, and although it was scary, I didn't think it was too, too bad. Maybe because it is a bit dated. There are some very creepy scenes in IT though, I was afraid to go into my basement after reading :P The Shining and Pet Sematary are the scariest books I have ever read.

  5. Woo-hoo!! And don't worry...it'll FUN. Really. Really, really fun.

    Not that I'm trying to convince myself of that.

  6. That book is HUGE and I wouldn't feel too bad at all for giving up after 100 pages. IT was a great read and I'm sure you'll enjoy it...make sure to leave plenty of lights on though!! LOL!

  7. Suko- Yes, you SHOULD read this with us! It shall be lots of fun :)

    Natalie- It wasn't that I didn't like The Stand, it was more that I didn't connect right off the bat and then never really gave it a fair shot. I'm more than willing to try reading it again but probably not any time soon :)

    Care- I'm waiting quite impatiently for the library to get in a copy of IT for me. I'm eager to begin even if I'm really, really nervous about reading it!

    Christine- I don't feel very brave right now :) I'm super scared of this one already!

    Naida- Your review of this one was one of the reasons that I decided to join in. I figured this would be my only chance to read such a scary sounding book with others :) I couldn't resist!

    Softdrink- I'm trying to convince myself of it ;)

    Staci- Don't worry...I definitely won't try reading this one in the dark :)

  8. I loved It when I read it years ago. I couldn't put it down. Enjoy, if that's the word!


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