Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Randomness

Whew! It has been a busy, busy week here and I've been running around nonstop. I haven't been reading all that much, haven't been blogging, and haven't been commenting. Life. It get's in the way sometimes ;) As the rest of September and October don't look much better, I thought I would take the time to share some of the randomness that is floating around in my head. Does anyone else find that when they don't have time to blog they come up with tons of ideas for posts?? Seriously, all week long I've been toying with ideas of things I want to post about but haven't found the time to do any of them. Go figure, right???

For one, I'm WAY overdue on sharing my August reads post with all of you. And at the rate it is going I'm thinking that maybe a combined August/September post will be the way to go. Which caused me to realize that I've only finished 3 books so far this month. Three. So August may have been my best reading month of the year and September may be my worst. Nice. I've also been toying with starting to share a monthly post on the books that come in and out of my house. I don't usually do mailbox posts but I would like to keep track of how many books I bring home in a month and how many I end up getting rid of (and that wouldn't count library books...or maybe it would). I haven't decided yet. Would that be boring for all of you??? I still have at least 10 reviews that I need to write. Catching up on those isn't going well at all. And I always have a library loot post that I could share. Plus, I have SO many new books that I've added to my TBR list lately that I would like to do a wishlist post sometime soon. And I still haven't posted pictures of the 1st day of school for the oldest (even though that was a month ago). I'm just happy that they have been uploaded to my laptop :) Other posts that I've considering are related to my son and the books he reads. I have been considering sharing more about the books he reads, that we read together, and just posts that could help me come up with more ideas for books that he would enjoy reading. Because I can only get him excited about reading sometimes and would like to see that grow more. These aren't the only ideas that I've got rolling around in my head but you get the gist.

In other reading news while I may be having a crappy month of reading in September, I am reading. I just recently finished Long Gone by Alafair Burke. It was a solid thriller and (hopefully) I will share my thoughts about it soon. I'm still in the midst of rereading Storm Front by Jim Butcher which is most excellent. I think that I'm going to go ahead and keep rereading the series until I catch up to where I left off. And finally I've just begun Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent. I really have enjoyed her werecat series so I have high hopes for this book. Now if I could just carve out some solid reading time this week then I would be happy.

But instead of reading I plan on spending my Sunday catching up with all of you. And watching the Bears game of course!! There is a pot of chili in the crockpot and fresh chocolate chip cookies to munch on. Life is good! Happy Sunday to all of you :)


  1. Chilli & cookies...I will be right there! Actually that does sound really good. Today is a bit wet and chilly out--a welcome change from the heat.

    Have a great week!

  2. I can totally understand why your reading is non-existent...those darling little critters in your photo!! I remember those days of non-stop and then by the time they were put to bed I would read for maybe 15 minutes and be sleeping myself!!

  3. I wouldn't be bored at all if you shared with us what books you acquire. I participate in Mailbox Monday, but this year I started to keep a running list of what books came into the house and if they left and got reviewed. It's an embarrassment, really! And I wouldn't worry about your lack of reading, sometimes life comes first :) I have yet to read a book by Alafair Burke, I really need to try one soon. Happy reading!!

  4. Could your kids be any cuter???

    I'd love to hear about your reading with your son. Actually all of your kids. Won't be too long before I'm on the lookout for toddler books.

    And yes, when I don't have time to post, I have all sorts of ideas. I usually jot them down but then when I do have the time they don't seem interesting anymore. ;) Such is life.

  5. as always, the kids are tooo cute!!
    It sounds like you have been busy.

    Hearing monthly about the books you aquire would be interesting. That will prob add to my wish list
    And the idea about what you and your son read is a good one too.
    Have a great week ahead.

  6. They are all looking at the camera AND smiling!! How did you do that??

  7. (PS, Different blogger icon, same Lisa.)

  8. LOOK at those smiles!!! You finally got the shot!

    Does anyone else find that when they don't have time to blog they come up with tons of ideas for posts??
    ALL THE TIME! Or I come up with ideas when I can't write them down like when I'm driving, in the shower, on a run or about to fall asleep. lol

    I love reading monthly posts of what my friends have been reading... and what books they bought or borrowed from the library, so I say go for it! Oh I also love wish lists because it gives me ideas of what books to wish for, too!

    So you're going to reread the Harry Dresden series? Hm.. I've always wanted to read that one. Maybe I should start now, too so we can discuss.

    Homemade chili and chocolate chip cookies? I like Sunday's in your house. :)

  9. You certainly do have a lot going on! Those kids are adorable! I would imagine September would be tough getting them settled with school and everything = no time for blogging. Oh well good luck catching up on your reviews :)

  10. Sam, I think a mailbox post and a feature on what your son is reading would be great! I know what you mean by the blogging and commenting. I've been having a hard time keeping up lately too. Such is life.


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