Monday, September 19, 2011

Storm Front - Week 1 Questions

I'm in the midst of rereading Storm Front by Jim Butcher as part of a readalong for the R.I.P. VI Challenge hosted by Carl. I've read the first 3 or 4 books in this series (and enjoyed them all) but kind of stalled out on the series after that. I thought it would be fun to reread this one and then continue on with the series. Here are my thoughts on the questions for week one.

1. What are your first impressions of our main character, Harry Dresden?

Harry is one of those characters that you can't help but like. He is old school, gallant, and completely eccentric which makes me like him even more. One of the things that I noticed was that he wasn't completely sure of himself and even though he is a wizard, he has a healthy dose of fear for some of the individuals and things that go bump in the night. Harry isn't perfect, and I like him all the more for it.

2. In the first section of the book we are introduced to a large cast of characters. Some in support of our main character and others who are involved in the multiple investigations with agendas unknown to us. Are there any of the these characters who stood out to you?

Murphy stood out to me but of course that could be because I've read this book and a couple others before so I know what an important role she plays in the series. I was surprised at how much I had forgotten about this book but it was interesting to be "reintroduced" to some of the characters that play important parts in this series or are featured in other books. Bob, the talking skull, is my favorite character for sure though :)

3. Did you ever watch the Syfy channel's Dresden Files TV adaption? If so did it effect how you approached the novel? Were there positive and/or negative differences that stood out to you?

Nope, I didn't even realize that there was a TV adaption. I'll admit that I'm curious as to how it played out and wouldn't mind seeing an episode or two if they are still playing.

4. Any thoughts on Jim Butcher's magic system, Harry's Watcher, and/or the White Council?

You can already tell that Harry's relationship and role in regards to the White Council is both complicated and dangerous. I'm curious to see what the White Council is going to think about the different dealings that Harry is getting caught up in (and I honestly wish that I could remember exactly what happens.) As it is, I guess we will all find out as we read further into the book :)

5. Lastly, Any guess on were Dresden's multiple plot threads will lead and/or any favorite scenes the first section of the book?

I've got a vague idea as I have read this book before but because my memory is faulty and it has been a few years, I'm not exactly sure. I don't have any favorite scenes yet although the scene with Toot was fun to read about. I'm looking forward to continuing on with Harry's adventures!


  1. I always enjoy a fun read-along and book discussion. It does sound like an interesting series.

  2. I agree with Naida. This is very nicely done, Sam.

  3. You are right, Harry is "old school". That is a really good description of him and I agree with your assessment in general of him as a character. I think the balance between strengths and weaknesses that Butcher achieves makes Harry a really engaging character.

    "Gallant" is another good description, especially the farther one gets into the book.

    I like Murphy too and am glad to know she continues to be important in future books.

    So glad you are re-reading this and participating in our discussion. It has really been a fun book so far.

  4. I'm so curious about the White Council too. They seem like they are going to be so harsh though I do wonder if that will end up being the case.

  5. Me too - I wonder whether the White Council is really as hostile to him as Harry believes, or whether it's Morgan in particular who hates him. I guess we will find out in due course!

  6. I was wondering the same thing. Since Harry has had a run-in with the council it makes sense that he is predisposed to not liking them. Even as cliched as it is to have a group of all-powerful people who think they can make their own laws, I like the idea. But it would be even better if things aren't that black and white.

  7. Sorry that I'm a bit late to the discussion :)

    Naida- It is a fun series and one that I would recommend.

    Thanks Suko!

    Carl- This has been an interesting reread as I'm didn't realize that I didn't remember much about what happened in the book. I'm having a hard time not reading further as the book is such a good read!

    Elizabeth- It is absolutely killing me that I can't remember what happens with the White Council. And they do seem harsh..wish I could remember more but it would probably be a spoiler anyways :)

    Geranium Cat- It seems like it is Morgan that hates him so much and I wish that we knew why. Is it because he is such a fanatic or did something happen in Harry's past with him that we don't know about. I'm curious...

    Carl- It will be interesting to see what happens when the council convenes. I can't wait to see what happens next :)

  8. I am really enjoying this book with the reread probably more than when I read it the first time around. I am looking forward to maybe reading on in the series this time!


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