Friday, March 18, 2011

The Liberation of Alice Love (thoughts)

The Liberation of Alice Love is the story of a woman named Alice (of course) who is leading a very ordinary, reliable life. Until she realizes that someone has stolen her identity, her life savings, and has run up thousands of dollars worth of bills. And then Alice's life becomes anything besides ordinary as she begins to hunt for the person behind all of this. And along the way she starts to realize that maybe life can be extraordinary as well.

So the premise of this book is a good one in my opinion. Alice is in a rut with her life when the story begins, so when she discovers that her identity has been stolen and misused it throws her for a loop. But as she begins to hunt for the thief, she also begins to take a few more chances while making some life changes as well. I liked Alice's character. There were times when I wanted her to stand up for herself more but I liked that she was beginning to realize that there was more to life than the way that she had been living. And this was a fun read. It was a light, easy read that would be perfect to read during the summertime especially on the beach. The book kept my attention throughout and I was always curious to see what kind of trouble Alice was going to get into next while hunting for the thief. My only complaint with the book was the ending. Oh the ending. This is a tad bit spoilery so don't say that I didn't warn you (and I wouldn't blame you if you stopped reading here).......the ending absolutely killed me. The author left it completely open and I wasn't expecting it. I guess I wanted more, maybe a few more strings tied up, but that wasn't what I got. I literally was looking for more pages at the end. And while I enjoyed reading the entire book the ending left me a bit frustrated.

All in all, this was a good read. Not great for me but definitely good. I'm looking forward to reading more by this author as I believe that this is her first book. And it was definitely a good change of pace from some of the other books that I've been reading.

Disclosure: This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review by the lovely people at Sourcebooks :) And just to let you know that this is actually a different cover than what my copy looks like. But I really like this cover and couldn't find the image of my cover...


  1. Sounds like an interesting and fun book - thanks for the review!
    Just wanted to let you know that I added your blog to my blogroll - I used to blog at (The Curious Reader), but now I'm at

  2. Jessica- Thanks for letting me know about your new blog. I'm glad to see that you are back and I'll definitely be by to check it out :)

  3. Great review. I too always wondered what kind of trouble Alice would get into next.
    The ending didn't bother me....but I do know what you mean.
    I couldn't find the cover of my copy either...the black and white one. I prefer that one.

  4. I almost accepted a copy of this one..sounds like a great read!!

  5. This sounds like a great spring/summer read! I'm going to add this to my tbr list.

  6. This totally reminds me of an episode of Friends! Don't know if you ever watched that but it's when Monica's credit cards are being used by some girl.

    Anyway, this sounds like a fun read!

  7. We had similar thoughts on this one-but the first half of this book bored me to tears. Still not sure why this book didn't click with me like I thought it would.


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