Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Challenge Post

I know I'm a bit crazy when it comes to joining challenges but I just can't seem to help myself. If you haven't figured it out by now...I'm pretty low key when it comes to participating in them :) I love to try to finish them and feel that the challenges help to expand my reading. But it doesn't bother me if I don't finish. So with that said let's look at the new challenges that I plan on joining!

First off, I'm joining the lovely Trish's Classics Challenge. I'm horrible with reading classics. It is sad but true. And it pains me to admit this but I've never read Jane Austen. Ever. So this is the challenge for me as I'm going to give her a try this year :) I'm joining in at the "snack" level which is requiring me to read 4 classics. Should be interesting!

I'm also joining in The Nonfiction 5 challenge which is also hosted by Trish. This is the perfect challenge for me as I'm trying to read more nonfiction this year. The only rules are that you have to read one book that is in a different category of nonfiction than the other 4 that you read.

The next challenge that I decided to join was the Cozy Mystery Challenge. I love a good cozy mystery so this is another great challenge for me! And it only requires me to read 6 cozy mysteries...should be fun ;)

The World Party Reading Challenge is another one that I can't resist. 12 books from 12 different countries. And a party at could I possibly resist?? I'm always trying to expand my reading so it only makes sense to join this one.

And finally I'm joining the It's the End of the World III Challenge. I've got a ton of dystopian fiction that I want to read so this one should be easy. And it only requires reading 4 books.

So that is the end of my insanity...for now. I can't promise that I won't join more if I see another challenge that catches my eye. We'll have to see if I manage to finish any challenges this year :)


  1. These all sounds like great challenges. If you want any suggestions for picking classics feel free to ask!!! But you definitely need to read an Austen. She is amazing!

  2. Sam, these all sound like excellent reading challenges. I understand why you joined them. I would, too, if I hadn't already joined too many! :)

  3. they all sound great and I love joining them too!! I'm actually doing pretty good this year except for the challenge of reading your own books!!! LOL!! my poor book cry each time I bypass them and grab another one from the library stack!

    Good Luck and Have Fun!

  4. Allie- I may have to take you up on that offer as I'm a bit leery when it comes to classics ;)

    Suko- Oh, I've definitely joined too many but what can you do??? LOL!

    Staci- I'm really bad about reading my own books myself. I just can't seem to resist the shiny library books.

  5. Thanks for joining my cozy mystery challenge. Good luck!


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