Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Sunday Salon: Reading Hangover?

Friday night I finished S.J. Bolton's Blood Harvest which is easily going to make my top reads for 2014 list.  It may only be February but I can just about guarantee this one making the cut.  It was just so good!  Thanks to this book though I've been in a sort of bookish hangover since then.  Because what could I possibly read that will be as good as this one?  Won't any book that I read after this pale in comparison?  I felt like this might happen so yesterday I picked up the second volume of the graphic novel series The Walking Dead, Miles Behind Us.  This was perfect for the mood that I was in, and I flew through the pages entirely too fast.  Now I'm completely stuck on what I could possibly want to read next.  Hence, the title of this post: bookish hangover, anyone?

Since I'm completely struggling with book selection I thought that I would get some of your opinions on what I should read next.  Here are the books that are most calling to me:

Which one of these should I read next?  Help a girl out here....pretty please!  Which book would you read next if you were suffering from best book ever syndrome?  Or is there some other book that I should be searching out that you recently adored?  I just managed to put about eight books on hold yesterday at the library but what could a few more hurt? 

Other books besides Blood Harvest that I finished last week were:

Both were VERY good and both will hopefully have reviews up this week.  I'm telling you that I have had a really great reading month in February which is probably one of the reasons that I'm struggling now.  Decisions, decisions.

Plans for today include lots of review writing, laundry, and working out.  The usual!  New episode of The Walking Dead to look forward to which is always exciting.  And starting one of these books....after I hear your opinions that is!  What are your plans for this beautiful day?

Happy Sunday and Happy Reading!


  1. Isn't it a bummer when you finish something so good that you just don't have the will to pick up another. I haven't read any of the books you have listed but I did just finish two historical romances that were really good. The Highlander's Reward and The Highlander's Conquest by Eliza Knight. They're available on kindle for about five bucks each but I got the audios. I really enjoyed them. Maybe you just need something totally different from what you just read.

    Hope you all have a great Sunday! Can't wait for TWD tonight!

  2. I am worried about the book hangover. I have read some really good books so far this year! Somehow I am still making progress, but I probably would have read way more if it wasn't for the books that have amazed me....

  3. It's not completely terrible when you want to "stay" with a book after you've read it! Eventually, or sooner than that, you'll probably pick up a new book. Have a great week of reading!

  4. Book hangovers suck but the positive is that the amazing book that puts you there is a forever friend :-) I remember saying read Blood Harvest cause I couldn't wait to see what you thought, wow.

  5. I totally love Bolton's books too. Have you ever read any Jane Casey? I've only read the first one in her series but it was really good and sort of reminded me of Bolton. Anyway, from the ones on your list, I'd definitely recommend A Share in Death. Can't wait to hear what you picked up!


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