Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Perfect Couple by Jackie Kabler (thoughts)


Summary from Goodreads:

"A devoted wife…

A year ago, Gemma met the love of her life, Danny. Since then, their relationship has been perfect. But one evening, Danny doesn’t return home.

A missing husband…
Gemma turns to the police. She is horrified by what she discovers – a serial killer is on the loose in Bristol. When she sees photos of the victims she is even more stunned…they all look just like Danny.

Who would you believe?
But the police are suspicious. Why has no one apart from Gemma heard from Danny in weeks? Why is there barely a trace of him in their flat? Is she telling them the truth, or is this marriage hiding some very dark secrets?"

My Thoughts:

The Perfect Couple was a really enjoyable, page turning read that kept me guessing until the end.  One of my favorite things about this book was that it felt like the perfect blend of domestic suspense and police procedural.  The story was told from two different viewpoints: one from Gemma's point of view where she was dealing with the fact that her husband had gone missing and the second point of view was from the lead inspector who was trying to solve the two recent deaths that had recently occurred and then also gets drawn into the case of Gemma's missing husband.  The fact that there were two recent deaths of men that looked like Gemma's missing husband really had me guessing.  I could not figure out what was going on and was kept guessing the entire time.  I love the way the author set this book up.  I found myself trusting Gemma and rooting for her...then questioning her...then trusting her all over again.  It made up for a really fun reading experience in the end.  Even when I started to "think" that I knew what probably had happened, there were still twists that I didn't expect as well as the fact that I couldn't figure out the why's behind it all.  The night I finished this book I fully intended on getting things done - instead I sat wrapped up in my book until I turned the last page.  I was just completely immersed in the best of ways.  Also, I love the way this book ended!  I won't say anymore for fear of spoilers but it just gave me a very eerie feeling.  I cannot wait to read more by this author!

Overall, I'm sure that you can already tell that I really enjoyed my time reading this book!  I think that readers that enjoy domestic suspense, those readers that enjoy police procedurals, and those readers who enjoy a page-turning, suspenseful read should definitely pick this book up!    This is an author that I plan on reading more of and will be watching for future releases!  An easy book to recommend.

Bottom Line: A suspenseful read that kept me turning the pages as fast as I could!

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book thanks to the publisher as part of a TLC book tour.  Honest thoughts are my own.


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  1. Domestic suspense--all these new-to-me genres! It sounds like you really enjoyed this book. Terrific review!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed this! Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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