Saturday, February 20, 2016

On My Wishlist (Radar Books) #19

On My Wishlist is my way of sharing all of the books that I cannot wait to get my hands upon and read. These are a mixture of books that are about to be released along with some older titles that I really want to read as well. (All summaries are from Goodreads).

I have so much fun making these posts so I hope that you enjoy them as well.  There is always a constant barrage of books that I want to read and I do feel like I add to my TBR list constantly.  There are just so many books that I want to read so why not share about the ones that are calling to me right now?  These books are ones that I've added to my TBR list from a variety of sources.

Fellside by M.R. Carey

"Fellside is a maximum security prison on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors. It's not the kind of place you'd want to end up. But it's where Jess Moulson could be spending the rest of her life.

It's a place where even the walls whisper.

And one voice belongs to a little boy with a message for Jess.

Will she listen?"

Oh my goodness!  I want to read this one SO badly?  How good does this book sound??  I actually haven't read this author's other book (it is on my TBR list as well) but I really want to.  This one first though because I am so intrigued!!! 

The Beauty of the End by Debbie Howells

"From the acclaimed author of The Bones of You comes a haunting and heartbreaking new psychological thriller about a man thrust into the middle of a murder investigation, forced to confront the secrets of his ex-lover's past.

"I was fourteen when I fell in love with a goddess. . ."

So begins the testimony of Noah Calaway, an ex-lawyer with a sideline in armchair criminal psychology. Now living an aimless life in an inherited cottage in the English countryside, Noah is haunted by the memory of the beguiling young woman who left him at the altar sixteen years earlier. Then one day he receives a troubling phone call. April, the woman he once loved, lies in a coma, the victim of an apparent overdose--and the lead suspect in a brutal murder. Deep in his bones, Noah believes that April is innocent. Then again, he also believed they would spend the rest of their lives together.

While Noah searches for evidence that will clear April's name, a teenager named Ella begins to sift through the secrets of her own painful family history. The same age as April was when Noah first met her, Ella harbors a revelation that could be the key to solving the murder. As the two stories converge, there are shocking consequences when at last, the truth emerges.

Or so everyone believes. . ."

I love the sound of this one!!  It sounds both creepy and thrilling- two of the things I love most in a book.  I really, really want to read this one so I will be impatiently awaiting its release.  Plus, how great is this cover??

Shadowed by Karen E. Olson

"Computer hacker Nicole Jones finds herself on the run from an unknown enemy in this tense and twisting novel of identity and suspense"
The computer hacker formerly known as Nicole Jones is now living as Susan McQueen on a remote island in Quebec, Canada. She is living a quiet life, working as an artist but she has not given up her computer. While in an online chatroom, she sees a shadow someone is inside her laptop, watching her every move, and somehow knows exactly who she is.
Afraid that he will track her down, Susan is on the run again but from whom? Is it the FBI or someone associated with her past crime sixteen years before? Making her way across the border and back to the USA, some unsettling discoveries make Susan realize that she won t be able to escape her past a second time."

I was so excited to hear about this book!  I really loved the first book in this series (Hidden) and have been impatiently waiting for this book.  It sounds just as intense as the first book!  I need it NOW!  So pumped for this book!

The Demonists by Thomas E. Sniegoski

"It was supposed to be a simple exorcism, a publicity stunt to firmly establish John and Theodora’s thriving paranormal investigation empire in the public eye. But something went wrong, leading to an on-air massacre that unleashed a malicious host of demons and left Theodora catatonic, possessed by countless spirits.

John sets out on a desperate quest to find a cure for his wife, but his obsession brings him face-to-face with an even more terrifying problem: Theodora’s possession is only one piece of a deadly plot that is threatening the entire world. Because an ancient evil is about to make Earth its battlefield—and without John and Theodora’s intervention, there is no chance for salvation..."

This cover!  I love it so much!  And the description makes me want to read it even more.  I've got this author's other books on my TBR list as well but this is the book that I want to read the most!

There you have it:  the latest books that I have recently added to the never-ending TBR list.  I really want to read all of these so much so the plan is to make that happen this year.  Because one of my goals for 2016 is to actually read all of these books that I have on my wishlist.  LOL!

What books have caught your eye recently?  Which books are you hoping to read sooner rather than later?


  1. There are couple of these that will be on my list for sure. I need to read the first Karen Olson book in the series, Hidden, and then I'll be ready. I know that both you and Wendy loved it. And also The Beauty of the End looks very good. Did you read The Bones of You? I have a copy of it, but have not read it yet. Another to try for before this one comes out.

  2. I really want to try M.R. Carey at some point!

  3. The Beauty of the End sounds thrilling, adding that to my TBR list. Karen Olson has been an author I want to try but haven't got to yet.

  4. Sam, you always find such tempting books! I have too many books on my TBR stacks and list. Have a terrific weekend!

  5. I love reading what everyone has on their radar! You are right that cover for The Demonists is great. I really want to read the Karen E. Olson book as I've read her other series books and those have been very enjoyable. Hope you get a chance to discover some of these.

  6. These all sound good, Samantha! Shadowed is one I really one I want to read too. I hadn't heard of Fellside before, but, you are right, it does sound good!

  7. How exciting to hear that M. R. Carey will have a new book out soon! And I need to read Karen E. Olson's new series, too.

  8. Oh! So the Carey book is like a ghost story? I didn't read The Girl with All the Gifts because I do not like the genre to which it belongs, but I loooooove ghost stories. That might be a better intro to the author!

  9. Glad you brought Fellside to my attention. I just read The Girl with All the Gifts last month and LOVED it. Seriously couldn't put it down. So bump it up your list. ;)


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