Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Name is Sam, and I have a Book Addiction...

I have lots of thoughts this week about lots of different things.  The blogging community in general has been a bit drama filled lately but as always my favorite bloggers are focusing more on the positive than the bad.  It has been one of those countless times where I've reevaluated my goals and priorities as a blogger.  A post for another time maybe?  I really don't know as there are so many others that have said it better than I ever could.  On the other hand I've been feeling completely inspired thanks to finding podcasts.  What fun!  I can listen while cleaning (yes I know others have figured this out long ago but I'm late as usual) and it makes it much more enjoyable.  This should most likely be another post but I couldn't help mentioning how I excited I am about them. Recommendations are needed here though!  Which podcasts are out there that shouldn't be missed???  Please share!

I woke up this morning ready to blog and with lots of different feelings on both of these possible posts but I just couldn't settle.  I've decided to let them both simmer in my mind for now and instead finally share all of my lovely finds from my Valentine's trip to the used book store.  I spent a lovely hour or so browsing my local used bookstore shelves and finding all kinds of gems that just HAD to come home with me. 

  • Play Dead by Harlan Coben - One of his older books.  I've enjoyed every book that I've read by Coben so I'm sure this will be good.
  • Leave the Grave Green by Deborah Crombie - 3rd in the Duncan Kincaid series and one of my favorite mystery series that I found last year. 
  • The Missing by Jane Casey - This is a standalone and by an author that I have really enjoyed previously.
  • Brownies and Broomsticks by Bailey Cates - 1st in a cozy mystery series.  The cover made me bring this one home.
  • Trust Me by Brenda Novak - 1st in a trilogy...I think?  It sounds both creepy and tense so I had to have it!
  • Scarlet Devices by Delphine Dryden - 2nd book in a steampunk series that I've been wanting to start.  Gorgeous cover!
  • Heart of Darkness by Lauren Dane - 1st in an urban fantasy series that was highly recommended to me by another blogger.
  • Gossamer Wing by Delphine Dryden - 1st in the same steampunk series as Scarlet Devices.  So pumped to read both of them!
  • Death's Daughter by Amber Benson - I picked this one up as I just finished a different book by this author and wanted to try her other series out. 
  • Saint's Gate by Carla Neggers - Romantic suspense and one that I've grabbed from the library multiple times. 
  • Here I Stay by Barbara Michaels - I will basically always buy Michael's books whenever I find them.  I feel the need to own them all....see the title of this post for an explanation as to why :)
  • Fireborn by Keri Arthur - 1st in another new to me series.  My bookish addictions know no bounds.

These two are thanks to the publishers and were both unsolicited review copies.  Monday's Lie is a thriller so I definitely want to read it!  The Master isn't my usual type of read but since I really, really enjoyed a different book by this author I will be reading it as well.  At least I haven't brought in as many review copies as last time that I shared.  That's a start, right?

It is official: I have TOO many books!  No more bookstore trips until I start getting my shelves under control.  I may have an addiction but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't work on it.  Time to actually read all of these books that I can't seem to stop buying.  I can stay out of my used bookstore but I don't know that I can stay away from the library for too long.  I'm going to have to be realistic and keep mixing up my reading.  Review copies, library copies, and books from my own shelves....I have more than enough to keep my busy for a very long time!

Tell me, what books have you added to your shelves recently?  Do you have a book addiction like me??  Are your shelves ridiculously out of control?  Or better yet: which of these books should I read first?  Do share!


  1. Yes, my shelves are ridiculously out of control too and I think I need to stop going to the library! :)

    I love seeing the Crombie and Michaels books in your stack. Oh and a standalone Jane Casey?! I have to look for that. Enjoy your loot!

  2. Iliana and I are twins. Well, we do live in the same part of the country. Anyway, I was going to comment on exactly the same authors. I love Deborah Crombie's books and I've read that Casey book. It's good. And dear Barbara Michaels/Elizabeth Peters. I miss her and have loved her books for so, so many years. Good book haul!!! And yes, I'm addicted. Aren't we all?

  3. Yes, I'm definitely addicted! Bookshelves are never enough because we keep on adding the books, lol.

    You've a lovely haul there, Samantha! Enjoy those books! :)

  4. Oh, lots of goodies! It's been ages since I went to a used bookstore. Both pros and cons to that!

  5. I have too many books, but am happy about it! LOL. Nice selection of books.

  6. Sam, you are in good company. Many of us have too many books! Our stacks are a mile high! I hope to add a library, or at least more bookshelves in the future.

  7. I am so out of the loop when it comes to most of the book blogger drama. I like to know what is going on out there, but then, I suppose it's often better if I don't.

    Look at all those beautiful books! I want, I want! I'm sure you know you are far from alone in your book acquiring addiction. I'm right there with you!

  8. I don't listen to pocasts, but I have gotten into audio books while crocheting. Like killing two birds with one stone.
    A trip to the used book store sounds wonderful, you did great here. I went to both Barnes and Nobles and the library this weekend. I'm trying to get a MM post whipped up for this upcoming week. The Master looks good too.
    Enjoy your books!


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