Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Sunday Post #5 (Holiday Weekend Edition)

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Good morning everyone!  I'm on the last day of a four day weekend which has been just wonderful.  Lots of family time, decorating for Christmas, and even a little bit of reading here and there equals out to a great weekend!  I haven't gotten a lot of reading time in within the last couple of weeks though due to preparing for the holidays but that is what happens sometimes.  Tonight is the mid-season finale for The Walking Dead and I'm super nervous/excited to see how it all plays out.  Eek!  Other than that, I don't have a lot to share this morning.  I'm working on coming up with my final reading pile for December, and I want to read ALL of the books before the end of the year.  I'm not sure that it is going to work out that way but I do know that at this point my list is a bit ridiculous.  There are just too many books that I really want to read right now!

Here are the books that I have finished since my last reading update:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling was a reread for the Harry Potter read-a-long that Sheila from Book Journey is hosting.  It was just as fun as I remembered it to be which leaves me excited to get started on the next book. 

Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep was also a reread so that I can FINALLY continue on with this series.  It was just as good as I remembered which is why I am clueless as to why I never continued on.  I have the second book ready to go though and this book will definitely be on my December reading pile! 

I'm currently reading the following books:

Burn For Me has been one of those books that I wanted to read as soon as I heard about it.  I just started it last night so I haven't formed an opinion yet.  It sure sounds really good!  I'm almost finished with The Kill List and it is getting really good!  I'm reading this one as part of a TLC book tour so my thoughts will be posted soon.  I'm also still working on It by Stephen King which is getting really good.  This is such a dark book though so I read it in spurts here and there.  It will be on the December pile as well since there is no way I will finish it before then. 

That's enough out of me for today as I need to go focus on my laundry piles to get ready for the upcoming week.  I'll be stopping by and visiting blogs later today.  I hope that everyone has had a relaxing weekend as well.  Tell me, what are you reading on this rainy Sunday?

Happy Sunday and Happy Reading!


  1. Burn for Me rocked, I am planning to listen to Estep's series but not before I finish Kate Daniels. Hope your week is delightful Samantha!

  2. I say just take December completely off from all responsibilities and just read. That works, right?

  3. I hope you like Burn For Me as much as I did! Glad you had a wonderful weekend. Hard to believe that it is December already.

  4. My reading has been slow given the school holidays and everything. Like you, I've a list of books to read but I'm not sure if I could even get 1/3 of them read before the year ends, lol. Still, we can always try, right? ;)

    Hope you've a great week!

  5. I love to reread the Happy Potter series. I miss the characters. Happy reading ♥


  6. Kimba- I should really work on finishing series before I start new ones but I can't seem to do it. LOL! Seriously, I tell myself I am going to focus on one series and then I just get distracted. I think that I have two books left and I am caught up with the Kate Daniel's series....I think :)

    Stephanie- YES! That is exactly what we should all do. Read and relax and nothing else, right???

    Nise- I just finished Burn For Me and I WANT MORE! Oh my goodness but I cannot wait for the next book. I will read anything/everything that Andrews writes at this point!

    Melody- We can certainly try! That is the fun part. I have 11 books left to meet my Goodread's goal of eighty books. I don't think that I will hit it but I am having fun making a list of possibilities if I could.

    Nyze- I just adore the Harry Potter series and love to reread it as well. I actually just picked up the second book from the library as I loaned my copy out and never got it back :( Bummer!


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