Friday, November 7, 2014

Reading Rambles (Or Even More Reading Plans for November)

I'm always up for overachieving when it comes to signing up for read-a-longs or reading challenges.  I just can't seem to resist.  November has some really great reading events starting up and I want to do them all.  Ha, ha!  But seriously, I kind of am signing up for all of them.  I'm just not over-thinking the fact that I can't possibly read everything that I want to this month.  A girl can try!!!  Here are some lovely additions to my reading plans for the month of November and beyond:

I am basically ALWAYS up for a Harry Potter re-read so participating in a read-a-long of the entire series with other readers is just too good to pass up!  Sheila from Book Journey is hosting this fun event and I'm super excited to get started.  I've been listening to the audiobooks the past couple of months but this time around I'm going to be breaking out the actual copies from my shelves for the reread...I cannot wait!  Plus, my oldest son and I are going to be reading the first book together.  He has seen the movies but never read the books (the horror) so this will be a great experience for the both of us!  Here is the schedule in case you are interested:

Nov 1 – Nov. 16 – The Sorcerer’s Stone
Nov 17 – Dec. 6th – Chamber Of Secrets
Dec. 7 – Dec. 29th –  The Prisoner Of Azkaban
Dec 30th – Jan 20th – The Goblet Of Fire
Jan. 21st – Feb 13th – Order Of The Phoenix
Feb. 14th – March 7th – The Half Blood Prince
March 8th – March 31st – The Deathly Hallows

I am also hoping this month to participate in NetGalley November.  I have way too many books thanks to NetGalley that I need to catch up on and this is a great opportunity to do so!  I'm going for the "Easy Category" which just requires reading 1-4 books.  Ideally, I would finish more than that but let's be realistic here with the plans I already have in place.  I will hopefully finish at least one book!  More than that will be FANTASTIC in my opinion :)  Here are the books that I am hoping to read for it:

The Kill List is my current read on my ipad so I'm hoping to at least make it through that one this month.  Completely doable as long as I don't get distracted by all of the other books that I'm planning to read :) 

Other reading rambles include the fact that Nonfiction November is completely calling to me as well even though I haven't finished a nonfiction read in way too long.  I'm reading all of your posts though and adding to the never-ending TBR list.  In fact, I was thinking about adding one nonfiction read to my reading plans for November but at this point it is a bit ridiculous.  That doesn't mean I won't try to fit one in...that just means I haven't decided on which one yet.  Ha!  I'm leaning towards these one of these three:

I just can't choose.  Which of these three would you pick if you were wanting a nonfiction read?  Or even better, what nonfiction book or books is a must read in your opinion??  I would love to know!


  1. I love that you are reading the first book with your son! Be sure to check out the Harrp Potter reread tab on my blog (under the header)... it will show you your housemates, links, and a prize page! Welcome to Hogwarts!

  2. Sam, I admire your ambitiousness here! I am reading challenge challenged, unfortunately, so I participate in very few of them. It will be fun to read HP with your son. Something tells me that your kids are going to be fantastic readers!

  3. Reading challenges are fun and they motivate you into reading more! Since my reading schedule can be so irregular I've decided not to participate. :(

    Hope you've fun reading those books! :)

  4. Sheila- Thanks for hosting this! I am really looking to rereading this with other book lovers. It is going to be so much fun!

    Suko- I've been looking forward to reading these books with him for some time now. It is definitely going to be fun :)

    Melody- I'm not the best when it comes to reading challenges or commitments but there are some that I just cannot resist. I'm hoping that I will be successful with all of these but only time will tell. LOL!

  5. So many good blogging events, so little time! I fortuitously happened to be reading a bunch of nonfiction in late October, and I've been able to schedule several Nonfiction November reviews. But I'll just be following the HP readalong, rather than participating myself.

  6. Yay, Samantha! Would love to hear how your son likes the books! :)


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