Saturday, September 13, 2014

R.I.P. IX Challenge (Or My Favorite Time of the Year!)

Scary reading and colder weather!  I've been looking forward to this time of year for about a month now!  And setting aside books for Carl's R.I.P reading challenge for about just as long.  This is one of my favorite yearly blogging events and something that I look forward to every year.  I'm just a little late to the game this year as real life has been INSANELY busy!  I saw the signup post and meant to post then (as I've already begun reading my first book for this challenge) but didn't.  Oh well, I'm here now and ready to throw my hat in the ring.  I adore this challenge as it is completely low key.  Plus, I always add a TON of books to my TBR list thanks to everyone's reviews/reading lists.  My library account is getting a workout already as I couldn't resist putting a few more books on hold for this. 

I'm signing up for Peril the first which means I will read at least four books that fit in with this challenge.  That is the minimum as I am basically devoting the next two months to reading books that will fit in with this challenge.  I'm pumped!  Here are just some of the books that I am considering reading for this challenge. 

These are all books that I pulled off of my own shelves for this challenge.  I feel like there is a good mix here of suspense, mystery, horror, and my personal favorite: gothic fiction!

As if I don't have enough, these are all of the library books that I have waiting and ready for this challenge.  I'm currently reading The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling).  I'm only about a third of the way into the book but it is pretty good so far.  

I'm also hoping to participate in the group read-along for The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.   Because that book has seriously been on my reading list for this challenge for multiple years.  This year will be the one where I actually read it!

Are any of you participating in this challenge?  Does anyone else have a reading pool as crazy as mine?

Happy Scary Reading!


  1. Hi Samantha,
    It's nice to see your enthusiasm for this event. I get the same, months in advance, just waiting for September.
    I see you have "The Little Stranger" on your list, I loved it when I read it.
    "Help for the Haunted" sounds good, I hope you'll get to that one too, as I want to read your review.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, it's nice to make new friends.
    Enjoy your books!

  2. Great choices of books! Have fun and looking forward to your reviews. :)

  3. Is it bad that I'm mostly a little too lazy to sign up? Gah. So pathetic. I've been wanting to read Little Stranger for a long time--I love Waters' writing. Enjoy these Sam! Can you believe it's time to start thinking about Halloween costumes? YIKES!

  4. Oh wow, look at all those books! I just started reading Anna Dressed In Blood and I'm quite impressed. The Little Stranger is fabulous! Hope you have fun with the challenge and can't wait to hear about your reads!

  5. I think you'll be doing some incredible, scary reading for this challenge! I look forward to your reviews, Sam.

  6. I avoided making a stack of possible books because I was afraid I'd be overwhelmed by my choices. LOL You're got a great stack of books there though and I hope you are able to fit them all in.

  7. I've checked out SO MANY books as possible reads for this event. It is -- it's a lot. I'm not even sure how many of them fit the challenge and how many are a stretch that I'm going to make fit because I love this challenge and I am so in the mood for fantasy right now. :p

  8. The only one of these that I've read is ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD. It's great! Haunting and original. Good luck with the challenge (even though it doesn't look like you'll need it)!


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