Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Funday! (Or what I am doing today)

Today I will be doing the following:

 (Picture courtesy of AMC)

Waiting quite impatiently for the newest episode of The Walking Dead to come back on tonight! I love these two!!

Beginning this as part of Graphic Novels month and in preparation for tonight.  (See above)

And I will be reading more of this possibly if I can get over my Walking Dead obsession :)

The sun is shining, my house is kinda/sorta is a good day!  I just need to focus on laundry, get my workout in, and then wait for my show to return.  And watch the Olympics of course!  Happy Sunday to me!

Tell me, what are you spending the day doing?


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    1. Comment, Take II: I am going to finish up a review today! Great photos, Sam! :)

  2. Yes! And how funny, I have a copy of TWD 1st comic too....I bought it for my son, but I will be reading it as well. I should be posting a pic in a few days, but I went to Atlantic City this weekend for a concert and while at the casino I found The Walking Dead slot machine. It was AWESOME. Very high tech, HD screen, clips from the show on the screen and the chair even vibrated. I won a few dollars on it to boot, so very nice!
    Enjoy the show tonight, I'll be glued to my TV too.

  3. The Walking Dead has been on in my house for two days.. I hate watching things sporadically, we haven't seen all the episodes, but I gave up trying to tell him to watch it in order...


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