Thursday, August 8, 2013

Three Sister's Island Trilogy (Thoughts on a Reread)

Pre-blogging days I used to read many, many books by Nora Roberts.  Now that blogging has expanded my reading horizons a bit (and led me to a truckload of new authors) I find that I don't read as many of her books any more.  Besides her In Death series under the pseudonym of J.D. Robb there are no books that I enjoy more by her than these three books.  It has been years since I indulged in a reread so I decided that now was a great time to dive back into some of my old favorites and revisit this amazing trilogy.  I can easily say that these books are just as amazing as I remembered them but obviously I'm a bit impartial.  Because of this I thought I would share my thoughts on these with some mini reviews. 

Dance Upon the Air is the first book in this trilogy and by far my favorite.  Nell has done the impossible by faking her own death and leaving her abusive husband.  She comes to Three Sister's Island on an impulse and finds so much more than she could have ever expected.  The problem is that her past is getting ready to come back to haunt her.

Just thinking about this book makes me want to read it again!  I love Nell's character and how we get to see her blossom as a person throughout the book.  Robert's does an amazing job of creating this bond between the three women that are the focus of this trilogy from the very beginning.  The romance that Nell and Zach find is both sweet and believable.  Basically, the book just pulls you in and doesn't let you go until you are wishing that you had the chance to experience life on Three Sister's Island.  I love the fact that there is a paranormal bent to these books without it being the focus.  Instead, the focus of this book is on Nell's growth and finding the courage to stand up for herself.  I love it and loved rereading it!

Heaven and Earth is the second book in this trilogy but it definitely doesn't disappoint!  In this one, Ripley has seen everything that Nell went through to save herself and is forced to come to terms with the fact that she is a witch.  After years of forcing herself to be normal, she struggles with the idea that she might have to use those powers in order to save the island that she loves so much.  Can she overcome her fears and do her part to help save the island??

What I love about this book is the chemistry between Ripley and Mac!  They are by far my favorite couple because they are so mismatched that they just work.  I love seeing their relationship develop as they get to know one another.  For just this fact alone I would reread this book again right now!  But it is also enjoyable to see Ripley begin to reconnect with Mia and begin to use her powers once again.  Ripley is a prickly character whom I just can't help but like especially because she is so stubborn headed.  It is fun to see her and Mia clash with each other but it is even better to see her and Mac clash.  HOT!  Once again Roberts does an amazing job of setting up the ending for this trilogy without making it seem like there wasn't closure with this book.  The ending of this book wasn't as heart pounding as the first book but it still pretty damn good!  Another enjoyable reread!

Last but certainly not least is Face the Fire by Nora Roberts.  By the time I get to this book I am so head over heels hooked on this series that I NEVER want it to end!  Of course it must but usually by this time I'm in denial. 

In Face the Fire, Mia Devlin faces her past when the boy she loved with all of her heart comes back into town.  She may have gotten over her broken heart from years ago but she knows that her destiny may still be tied up in her feelings towards the man that he has become.  But she has an even bigger worry to deal with as the evil that has been haunting the island is ready to make its' final stand against the three sisters.  It is going to take everything that she has to beat the legend and save the island.

I love this book for so many reasons but honestly it is because by now I have become attached to all of the characters.  I usually read these books back to back and all I want is to see how it all ends and make sure that they all get their happily ever after.  I love Mia's character because she is so strong and independent.  And the relationship between her and Sam is both enchanting and dreamy.  I love the way that they have to learn who the other one is now as a person instead of the younger teenage version that they remember.  It makes the ending so much more powerful as the reader is allowed to see everything from each book tie together into an epic finale!

Gosh I love these books!  They are the ultimate comfort reads and reading them again was such a delight.  I could read them over and over again (and I'm actually sure that I will).  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them at all and in fact usually recommend them over and over to fellow readers. 

Bottom Line:  These books are books that I plan to read again and again.  They are some of my favorites!

Disclosure:  All three of these were checked out from my local library which is a shame because I need to own these...looks like I will be getting my own copies the next time I am ready for a reread!


  1. I do love a good comfort read! I've only tried a couple of the In Death series books (which I didn't care for--I'm probably the only one on the planet who feels that way) which she wrote under her pseudonym. I do like the author herself though--she always impresses me when I her her speak or read statements by her.

  2. We love the same series!! I couldn't get through these fast enough back in the day. I've read a lot of her trilogies but none I loved as much as this one!! Now your enthusiasm is making me want to read them again!!!!

  3. I think I need to read these. I wonder if I can get them as e-books (Without buying them, that is.)

  4. I've never read many of her books but I know that so many people love her writing. Like you though when I started blogging I began reading so many different books that I lost touch with old favorites. I've been dying to reread Harry Potter or listen to it. I think I'm going to soon!

  5. I will keep these in mind, Sam!

  6. I'm not a big Nora Roberts fan but you make these sound so good!

  7. I love her In Death series but haven't enjoyed her recent Roberts books. This series is one I remember fondly too. Thanks for the reminder of how good some of her trilogies were.
    And thanks for stopping by my Sunday Post

  8. I used to read Nora Roberts a lot too! This sounds like a great trilogy!


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