Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Library Loot - Ambitious

Library Loot is hosted by Marg and Claire, and is a fun way to share about your library addiction.

If you've been visiting my blog long enough you probably know that I'm a library addict.  I always love to browse the shelves and find a few books to take home.  And by few I usually mean a lot.  Let's not look at the fact that I'm supposed to be reading exclusively from my Kindle during April to help knock out a few reads on there.  I still have quite the stack of library books checked out and would like nothing better than to read them all :) 

I've been reading a lot more from the romance genre this year which has been reflected in my library finds.  I especially have been in the mood for some romantic suspense as of recently so if you have suggestions please feel free to share!  Here are some of the books that I've brought home with me recently:

Don't you just want to read all of these???  I sure do!  I just need to figure out how I'm going to find the time to read them all....but that's the fun part about the library.  If I don't get to them all, I can sure grab them again next time.  Happy reading everyone!!


  1. There's another mention of Rachel Caine . . . I will read her one of these days. Really.

  2. I understand. I routinely get more books than I can read from the library! Good luck.

  3. What a great stash of books! I hope you find the time to read them all. You may need to renew a couple!

  4. I've been in that romantic mood too!! Loving the books you brought home. I'm not familiar with any of them!

  5. I read A Rogue By Any Other Name back in March. I adored it! Hope you do, too.


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