Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bloggiesta 2012 (and a Request)

All week long I've been spotting Bloggiesta posts filled with plans and goals for this weekend.  But honestly since my blogging has been so spotty lately, I didn't think that I would find the time to participate.  One sparkling clean house later (which will last approximately 2 hours) and I've decided to dive in for a few hours.  And not feel guilty about the parts of my house that are most definitely not clean.  (cough...laundry...cough)

Anyways, I've already completed one task that I've been meaning to complete for awhile now.  I've finally updated my blog list links that are in my sidebar!  I am SO EXCITED about this!!!  There were so many inactive blogs on there that it was just kind of sad.  Especially because a few bloggers that I considered friends no longer blog anymore :/  But what can you do?? 

Now here is where the request comes in.  I know that I am missing some of my favorite blogs on this list.  There is just no way for me to remember them all.  This bothers me like you wouldn't believe.  So....if I ever comment on your blog or you are one of those people reading this that isn't on my list, won't you please tell me??  I love to connect with book bloggers and the easiest way for me to do that is visit other blogs.  Considering that I hadn't updated my blog roll for over two years tells me that I'm missing quite a lot of my favorite blogs.  But if you add to the fact that I have a crazy bad memory...well, you should be getting the picture.  Please, please, please tell me if you aren't on there!  And if it feels awkward to do so just know that I'm pretty much begging you right now to do it.  So that should make it all better :) 

I'm not setting any other Bloggiestsa goals for this weekend.  I'm just going to see where the weekend takes me but hopefully it will mean some sprucing up of the old blog.  Because posting once a week just isn't quite working for me..happy blogging to all of you!



  1. I wanted to join and realized it's this weekend oops lol. I wanted to add a signature couldn't figure it out oh well.


  2. Happy Bloggiesta :) I know what you mean, I ignored the laundry till this

  3. I always mean to participate too but life seems to dictate otherwise!! Today is Marc's Senior pictures excited!!! My blog in on your list..Thank you!!!

  4. I'm late to the party, but at least I didn't miss the whole thing!

    You have a lovely blog. Smart to make small goals.

    Here's my ¡Olé! ¡Vamos a Bloggiesta! I hope you will stop by!

  5. Thanks for adding me to your blog list as well, but it looks like it directs to the wrong link.

    Enjoy your Sunday! I too have a pile of laundry to get through, the joys of traveling :)

  6. LOL--I was going to tell you that I'm deleting Trish's Reading Nook this week but see that you've updated. ;)

    Happy bloggiesta!! I've gotten a lot written but not much visual stuff done. And just heard Scott pull up which means I better run and switch the laundry... Ha!

  7. Yay, I'm on your side list. I've been easing back a bit on blogging, and I know I dont' comment enough on anyone's blog, but I'm glad I'm still here.
    Happy fall and reading!

  8. Marce- I'm not sure how to add a signature either. Have you googled it? Sometimes I do that when I want to change something on my blog and don't know how :)

    Naida- I ALWAYS try to ignore the laundry. It never turns out well for me. LOL!

    Staci- Of course your blog is on my list :) I never seem to be able to coordinate with either this or the readathon. Seems like they are always on the weekends that I work. Oh well...what can you do?

    Deb Nance- Small goals always work better for me! I hope that you had fun participating!

    Victoria- I fixed the link. Oops ;) It looks like I had you connected to a different blog that I added.

    Trish- I've been meaning to fix the link to your blog for months now. I consider it an accomplishment that I finally did it. LOL!

    Raidergirl- Your blog has been on my list from the very beginning. I go through phases of blogging and sometimes I back off as well but I always come back to my favorites :)


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