Saturday, September 1, 2012

R.I.P. VII (It's Here!!!)

There is just something about this time of year that puts me in a good mood. I love the gloomy rainy days and the beginnings of fall. I always say that I love all of the seasons (and I do) but fall is definitely my favorite. And what better way to celebrate the beginnings of fall then my favorite event of the year???

I've been putting books on hold at the library all week for this event, and that is not to mention all of the books I already have sitting on my shelves. My latest trips to the used bookstore were mainly filled with books from these genres as these were the types of books that I've been in the mood for. So I'm definitely ready to get started! This is my 4th time participating in this challenge and my favorite part of it is the community feeling that it creates. All over our love of the spooky! You can't get better than that :)

I'm signing up for Peril the First but of course I'm hoping to fit way more than four books in for this. And because one of my favorite things is looking at all of your lists of possibilities I thought that I would share mine.

Quite the list, isn't it? I also have my holds that I'm waiting for at the library so I'm definitely not going to be wanting when it comes to books for this! And I might have a few downloaded on my Kindle that will fit as well. And somewhere in there I will add something by Agatha Christie because she is a must this time of year! Fun to be had and lots of spooky reading to be done :)

I've already posted about these but I'm also signed up for the IT-a-long (It by Stephen King) which has already started but you can still join in on the fun. It is quite spooky so far and I have a tendency to shut it in a drawer at bedtime. I'm also planning on reading The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters which I have had on my shelves for too long. So two group reads that will be fit in around all of these other lovely books. Now let's see how many I can really get finished. Happy reading!


  1. Incredible possibilities! I also adore the autumn, and imagine doing more reading in the evenings by candlelight....

  2. I love this challenge too, happy reading! Those look like some great book choices.

  3. Amazing choices of course, enjoy, I am going to sign up also.

  4. I'm RIPping this year, too, and I have The Night Strangers on my list as well! I've heard it's really scary!!

  5. Great list there! I may just have to take a look at some of those for my own pile :) I just finished Dark Places not too long ago and it's definitely perfect for R.I.P! Enjoy your reads!

  6. Oh not Someone in the House. Not that one! I love Barbara Michaels but ugh, not that one. The premise of that one (once you find out what's going on) is creepy in a way that isn't like horror fiction creepy but just really unpleasant to think about creepy. Not fun creepy! Bad creepy like I wish Barbara Michaels had not thought of it and that I would never have to think about it. Urgh.

    Read Ammie Come Home instead! It's much more like a scary story, and a better book.

  7. That is quite the list, love seeing all those covers together. Hope whatever you choose to read is deliciously dark and creepy for you. We definitely share a love of fall and the dark gloomy days put a smile on my face. Maybe I'm a descendent of the Addams family or something? At any rate, I'm thrilled autumn is on its way and it is great to have a kindred spirit like you joining in on R.I.P. once again. Thank you so much. Enjoy!!!

  8. Oohhhh, you have some creepy good reads listed :) I'm still not positive what I'll be reading for this event. I've never read that Bohjalian but I've liked his other work. Thanks for the heads up on that one!

    The Relentless Reader

  9. I hardly recognize any of those books! Hope you get to a number of them.
    I was struck by the Barbara Michaels cover (so dated!), and then read Jenny's comment - now I"m really curious.
    Little Stranger and It - there's some good fun reading.

  10. You have a great eclectic selection of RIP reads! I enjoyed A Field of Darkness and Harbor. I have also loved several of Chris Bohjalian's novels. I'm planning to read The Little Stranger too.

  11. Suko- I always plan on doing more reading in the fall. I'm not sure that it always happens that way but it is my intent :)

    Naida- Are you participating as well?? I'm looking forward to hearing what you read if you are!!

    Marce- I can't wait to hear what you read for this challenge! I am always looking for more books to add to my TBR ;)

    Beth- I've wanted to read The Night Strangers every since it came out. I've got it checked out from the library. Now I just need to find the time to read it BEFORE it needs to go back!

    Victoria- Since all of the hype for Gone Girl, I couldn't resist adding Dark Places to my pile. And I have Gone Girl on my Kindle if I can find the time to read them both. LOL!

    Jenny- I'm adding Ammie Come Home to my TBR list right now! And I'm checking to see if my library has it...I trust your recommendations. I'll admit that I'm really, really curious as to what you are talking about with Someone in the House. I picked it up at the used bookstore for pretty cheap so I'm sure eventually I'll find out but maybe I should read my other Barbara Michaels' books first :)

    Trish- There is no way that I could ever forget IT! It is too creepy...and it fits perfectly with this challenge :)

    Carl- I love looking at the covers for all of these. And I'm so grateful that you are once again hosting this challenge (event). You know what I mean :) It always makes me even more excited that fall is here or coming. Thanks again!

    Jennifer- I hope you find some good books for this! I always watch the review site and find books to read there as well. Because one can NEVER have enough R.I.P. reads in my opinion :P

    Raidergirl- I'm really curious after reading Jenny's comment as well. LOL! I'm not sure that is what she intended but there you are. I can't wait to start The Little Stranger. I've had on my shelves for way too long!

    Stephanie- I added A Field of Darkness to my list thanks to your review. Your review was the 1st I had heard of this author but I couldn't resist requesting her book from the library. So I should thank you for it!!!! Thanks :)

  12. I loved Into the Darkest Corner. I can't wait to see what you think of it. Night Strangers was good too. I picked up Harbor on audio a while back and can't wait to listen to it. You have so many great books to read. It makes me want to pick up something scary.

  13. Darlene- You've mentioned some of the books that I want to read the most! And your opinion on them makes me want to read them even more :)


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