Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Book Recommendations: Cookbook Style

I LOL every time I look at this picture (an older pic of my youngest). Obviously, he loved and devoured that spaghetti but I can't honestly say that I made it. Because truth is I'm a lousy cook. If I can burn it, I probably do. If I can undercook it, then there is a possibility that I might do that as well. I also have a tendency to forget key ingredients. Embarrassing but true :) But now all of that is going to change. It's time for Sam to learn how to cook! I don't want to my family to cringe when I say that I'm cooking dinner. I would also prefer that they didn't expect something frozen when I cook as well :) So I'm here asking for your help. Send me your best cookbook recommendations. For a beginner. A very, very, very, easily intimated beginner cook. In return, I promise to share a few of my attempts at new dinners and what my family thinks of them. It's going to be my own project. I'm sure it will be lots of fun (and maybe not so much on some of it) But there it is....can you help a girl out???


  1. That is the cutest picture! I have a Betty Crocker cookbook (a wedding gift), which is good for learning the basics of cooking. After that, get whatever cookbooks appeal to you, and have fun!! Cooking should be enjoyable and easy! It's also fun to have cooking books geared toward kids, because you can involve your children in the process.

  2. Oh, too cute!!
    Suko took the words out of my mouth, I have a Betty Crocker cookbook as well that I bought right after I got married. It's pretty basic and simple, and the recipes are nice. It's probably the same one as hers...lol.

  3. Haha! So adorable! Mouse always seems to make a mess of herself when she eats spaghetti. I don't cook either and have been thinking I need to start. I can bake with a recipe, but it's been forever since I last did. Kitchens make me grumpy. LOL

    I actually have a fire phobia and since moving to a house with a gas stove, it's been a particular issue. I could do simple stuff on the electric stove, no problem. But seeing the flames on the gas stove . . . Big problem. I'm trying to work up the courage to overcome my phobia. :-(

  4. I love that picture! I am a terrible cook, so not a lot of help on the recs, but good luck!

  5. I have two pictures just like that of both of my boys!!!! LOL!!! I will have to look through my stuff for you!

  6. The Best of the Best is a great recipe book based on the series Best of Bridge. It's not necessarily a beginner book, but everything comes out fabulous, and I always get comments when I make and take something somewhere. It's also Canadian, so I don't know if you can get it.

  7. LOL SWEET photo!

    I used to be a cookbook junkie. Many many years ago when I got my first apartment I was determined and enthusiastic about learning to cook. My favorite section at B&N was the cookbook section for many years. :)

    I recently borrowed a cookbook from the library that is VERY good for new cooks--especially those with young families. It's called The Mom 101 Cookbook.

    I also love EverydayFood magazine. Great recipes every month that follow seasonal ingredients--simple family friendly dishes and a few special things, too. Check out the latest issue at the supermarket or Target or bookstore.

  8. First, Pickle baby looks SO adorable in that picture!!! What is it with kids and pasta?! We have a full sleeved smock that Elle wears when she eats pasta of any kind but that doesn't stop her from rubbing in her hair.

    Yup, agree with Christine's suggestion for Mom 101--pretty sure you saw my review for it and I can't tell everyone how much I LOVE it. I learned some basics of cooking when I was little from my mom and then I cooked some when I was in college. Basically the more you cook the more comfortable you will become. And you know what? Sometimes you learn better from the failures than the successes.


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