Thursday, May 5, 2011

Library Loot

Library Loot is the weekly meme hosted by Marg and Claire that asks us to share what we found at the library recently.

I love my local library system! I find that I'm addicted to requesting books from the library especially after I read a good review or get a new recommendation. Currently, I have seven books on hold including The Girl in the Steel Corset from my last wishlist post. I sure hope that it comes in soon. I've also been on a romance kick lately and am always open to some recommendations with that genre. I usually favor paranormal or historical romances if that helps at all :)

1. The Native Star by M.K. Hobson- Love the cover to this one!

2. Uncertain Magic by Laura Kinsale- Part of my romance kick that I am on.

3. The Making of a Duchess by Shana Galen- Another romance :)

4. Destiny Kills by Keri Arthur- This is the 1st book in this series by Keri Arthur. I really enjoy her Riley Jensen series so I'm looking forward to reading this.

5. White Cat by Holly Black- I've read Tithe by this author and liked it so I have high hopes for this book.

6. Taken By the Others by Jess Haines- I loved the 1st book in this series and am excited to continue on.

Look at all of those pretty covers. I'm looking forward to reading each one of these! And now if only my holds would all come in....LOL!


  1. I think they all look pretty promising so I'm certainly looking forward to reading your final thoughts on them!

  2. Wow! Great library loot, or should I say library loot-to-be! Hopefully, they will be available soon. :)

  3. I love Holly Black. I too am waiting for The Girl in the Steel Corset!

  4. I think the library is a great risk-free way to try out all the great books you find put about on other blogs.

  5. I love the covers of Destiny Kills and The Native Star. Happy reading!

  6. Looks like you have some good books to read Sam. Your post made me remember that I have some stuff waiting for me at the library.

  7. Nice loot! I like the covers on Uncertain Magic and The Making of a Duchess. I go on roamnce benders every now and again :)
    Have you read Scandalous Love by Brenda Joyce?? It's an oldie but goodie historical regency romance.

    Happy Mothers Day!!

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  9. Staci- Don't they all look great??? I'm so ridiculously excited to read them :)

    Suko- I CANNOT wait for some of my holds to come in. Seriously, Graveminder has been on my wishlist for months. I CANNOT wait!!

    Linda- I've only read Tithe by Holly Black but I did like it. I've been wanting to read more by her for some time now.

    Jenners- I request books from the library all of the time because of book bloggers and reviews that I read. I'm addicted I tell you :)

    Vasilly- I love those two covers as well! And The Native Star was nominated for The Nebula Award which makes me want to read it that much more!

    Darlene- You'll have to share what you picked up from the library as well :)

    Naida- No, I haven't read that author but I'm definitely going to request the book from the library. Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. What awesome loot!!!! I have heard awesome things about The Native Star.

  11. Christine- I have too which is why I'm so excited to read it. Plus, just look at that cover!!!


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