Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Sunday Salon - Overwhelmed??

With the holidays fast approaching (and I do mean fast), I find myself a tad bit overwhelmed. I know I'm not alone when I say that I just want to do a bit of everything. Read, blog, comment, actually read my google reader, and more....I feel like I am continuously behind on all of these things. And challenges. This time of the year I get challenge fever and join a ton of fun challenges for the next year. So what's a girl to do when there isn't enough time in the day for all of these things plus regular life stuff???

Here is what I've decided so far. First, I cleared out my Google reader just this morning. Yikes! But it had to be done if I wanted a chance of ever reading any of your posts in the near future. And I'm guessing that this will allow me to comment more. I've decided to set aside the time and join in on Bloggiesta which is coming up at some point next month (might help if I knew the exact This will allow for me to work around the blog and do all of those things I've been meaning to do. I really should make a list. As for challenges, I'm going to do one long post in the near future joining a bunch. Feel free to ignore it :) I probably won't finish half of them as usual but I do love to try.

Reading wise, I'm currently about half way through Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde. I feel like I've been reading this book forever but actually I just keep setting it aside for a Nora Robert's trilogy that I've been rereading. Seriously, it has been years since I read these and I flew through each book in about two days. The first book is titled Dance Upon the Air. Nora Roberts is definitely comfort reading for me! Now I'm back to Fforde's novel and quite liking what I've read so far and hopefully I'll finish it soon. I have a ton of books waiting for me but that is just what they are going to have to do. Wait. Maybe 2011 will be my best year of reading yet! And hopefully I'll be out visiting all of your blogs soon!


  1. I had to clear out my Google Reader a few days ago, which I hate to do! Sometimes it's necessary though.

  2. It definitely is not enough time in the day during the holidays, I have been reading the same book for a week now, getting the tree, decorating the tree etc, not enough time.

  3. I can relate to feeling overwhelmed; just too much going on for my homebody personality...LOL

  4. I can relate to feeling overwhelmed Sam. Between the holidays and chasing a 4 month old puppy I feel like I may end up in the looney bin. lol. Hang in there my friend.

  5. i don't use my google reader as it overwhelms me every time I open it up! I think keeping challenges on one post would be easy to keep track of for sure!

  6. I haven't posted the dates on my blog (think I'll do that this week) but did announce the dates on the Bloggiesta twitter feed. Plan on January 21-23rd!

  7. Stephanie- It definitely made me feel a bit better. And I got to spend an hour reading through it this evening which was a pleasant surprise!

    Marce- There is no time during the holidays to read at my house. I can hardly keep up with all of the festivities. Tis the season :)

    Diane- I am a homebody too so I can definitely relate!!

    Darlene- I'm sure your puppy is keeping you busy...but he is so darn cute!

    Staci- My google reader tends to overwhelm me also and sometimes there will be weeks where I just don't open it. I really need to update my blog links in the sidebar so I can use google reader even less...

    Natasha- I've never participated before but I am REALLY, really looking forward to it. There are so many things that I would like to do with my blog and this seems like a great way to get some of it done!

  8. Sam, it can feel overwhelming at this time of the year! I have not read as much as I normally do this month-- too much to do, too little time, too little reading. And I know you have little ones, too, which make it even more difficult I'm sure!

  9. I never have enough time in December to do anything awesome. This year I've got a fifty-minute commute each way, which again cuts into my reading/commenting/posting time. I've been absolutely terrible about writing up the books I've been reading, and I simply cannot make myself sit down and write the two chatty discussion posts I've been meaning to do.

    Do you categorize your Google Reader at all? I started doing this a year or so ago, and it makes such a difference. I sort out blogs into categories by how frequently I tend to comment there, and that makes it easy for me to whiz through the blogs I read but don't comment on, and spend more quality time with the ones where I frequently post medium-length or long comments. It made me feel like a jerk at first but it seriously has made my life better. :D

  10. I can definitely identify. I don't know where my weeknight free time goes. There's a book I have been meaning to review for a couple of weeks now, but it has been easier to write other posts and I keep procrastinating.

  11. I've decided I'm not pressuring myself any more. ;) Easier said than done, right?

    Hope you have a lovely holidays with your family, Samantha! I haven't read that particular Fforde but enjoy what I have read!

  12. Suko- It is definitely hard to keep up at times but I keep on trucking :)

    Jenny- No I don't actually do that but it sounds like I need to try...thanks for the tip!!

    Christy- I am the queen at procrastinating...especially when it comes to laundry :P

    Trish- It is easier said than done but I hate to stress about something that I enjoy so much.


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