Sunday, September 12, 2010

How I'm spending my Sunday...

Yes, we're Bears' fans....for better or worse :) Unfortunately, the oldest is sick so I can only share the youngest bears' followers in this household. I'm currently reading Blameless and I *heart* Gail Carriger! Seriously. Back to reading on Monday!


  1. If your kids weren't so adorable I'd have to tell them they had the wrong jerseys on and the fact that the Lions were robbed!!! Enjoy your day Sam!!

  2. So cute! And since I don't think the Bears ever play the Saints, I say, Yay for the Bears! :p

  3. They are absolutely adorable, Sam! :)

  4. Staci- LOL! I knew you lived in Michigan...should have guessed that you were a Lion's fan. And yes, even I'll agree that you were robbed. That was definitely a touchdown :)

    Thanks Ladies for all of the compliments!!


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