Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark by Donna Lea Simpson

Give a brief summary of the book:

Lady Anne goes to help her friend who believes that there are werewolves near the estate where she now lives with her new husband. While there, Anne meets the Marquess of Darkefell, who seems to have secrets of his own, as well as finding herself in the midst of a mystery. And could there really be a werewolf hunting in the countryside?


I loved Lady Anne Addison's character. She was a strong woman who wasn't afraid to be herself. I also really enjoyed the historical setting of this mystery and found myself drawn into the story at once. The author succeeds in creating a slightly creepy atmosphere with hints of possibility towards the supernatural. The mystery itself would probably be considered a cozy mystery but it was a good one that kept me guessing.


That is easy...the ending of the story. In fact, I about threw the book after I finished with it. I HATE when authors leave endings open and I am not expecting them to. But then I found out that this is the first book in a series and that there will definitely be a 2nd book. Well, that was another story and helped me to tolerate the ending with a bit more ease than I originally did. (Note: I do not seem to mind open endings if I am prepared for them or if someone warns me ahead of time...I'm kinda goofy like that)

Additional Thoughts?

All in all, I'm glad that I was given the chance to read this book and I will be picking up the 2nd book when it comes out...hmm...I should check on that. The author has a strong main character to base the series off of and I will be looking forward to more of Lady Anne Addison!
P.S.- My apologies to the author for taking so long to get this review posted. It truly was a good book :)


  1. I laughed loudly when I read where you almost threw the book against the wall...sounds like me!!! Great thoughts on this one. I won it a while back and gave it to a friend that enjoys these kind of books. Sounds like I need to ask her if I can borrow it!! LOL!!

  2. Thanks for the warning about the ending. I loathe unsatisfying endings. :-)

  3. I enjoyed reading your review. I've never thrown a book against the wall but it sounds like you were upset!

  4. Staci- I just hate when the reader is left hanging...definitely going to have to read the 2nd one though.

    Laughing Stars- I just had to share because if I had known that the author left it open a bit then I would have enjoyed it more.

    Suko- LOL! I didn't actually throw it but I was mad. Not so much anymore as I'm planning on giving the 2nd book a try :)

  5. I dont like it when authors leave open endings too. Have you read Stephen King's 'Cell', you'd probably want to throw that one too after the

  6. Naida- No, I haven't read The Cell and I'm glad to hear that about the ending. I don't mind so much as long as I know before hand.


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